Deep Space Nine: Where Are They Now?

The popular television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine produced many different recognizable super stars. If you were ever curious as to what Caption Sisko was doing before and after he guided the crew of the space station, this is the article to read. Additional information about the actor who played his son in the series (Cirroc Lofton) is also mentioned.


Recap of the Original Cast


Appearing in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series included a regular 1993-1999 cast of: Avery Brooks (as Capt. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko), appearing in 172 episodes; Alexander Siddig (as Dr. Julian Bashir), appearing in 168 episodes; Nana Visitor (as Col. Kira Nerys), appearing in 167 episodes; Rene Auberjonois (as Constable Odo), appearing in 164 episodes; Colm Meaney (as Chief Miles Edward O’Brien), appearing in 156 episodes; Armin Shimerman (as Quark), appearing in 154 episodes; Terry Farrell (as Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax), appearing in 145 episodes; Mark Allen Shepherd (as Morn), appearing in 83 episodes; Cirroc Lofton (as Jake Sisko), appearing 82 episodes; and Michael Dorn (as Lt. Cmdr. Worf), appearing in 101 episodes from 1995 to 1999.


Avery Brooks (Capt. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko)


Brooks began his television acting career in 1984, landing a few roles before taking on the role of Hawk on the popular series, “Spenser: For Hire.” The TV series went on to produce movie spin-offs, such as “Spenser: The Judas Goat” and “ Spenser: Ceremony.”


During his stay as a Star Trek crewmember, he also enjoyed the position of directing several Deep Space episodes, including “The Dogs of War” and “ Body Parts.” After appearing in more than 170 episodes of Deep Space, he lent his voice to a few narration projects, as well as accepted the role of Detective Leon Jackson in the movie, “15 Minutes,” which also starred Robert DeNiro. His latest project in the spotlight includes voice work done for the Star Trek: Legacy video game (2006)


Did You Know?


1) Brooks has served as Associate Professor of Theater Arts at Rutgers University since 1976.


2) Brooks taught courses while filming Deep Space Nine episodes, sometimes videotaping his lessons while still wearing his Star Trek uniform.


3) He was the only actor to show his face in every single episode of the Deep Space Nine series.


4) Has played Shakespeare’s “Othello” at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC.


5) He appeared in television commercials for IBM’s e-Business software in 2000. Do you remember the lines: “It’s a different kind of world. You need a different kind of software.”


Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko)


Playing the son of the Captain, Lofton and Brooks developed a deep relationship both on and off the set. Before landing the role of Jake Sisko, Lofton started his acting career for a few moments as a skateboarder in the 1992 kids flick, “ Beethoven.”  He then went on to make appearances in teen television series, “Moesha” (with Brandy) and “Smart Guy.”


After the cancellation of the TV series, Lofton took on the small role of Anthony Carter in the television series, “Soul Food,” which was a spin-off of the popular movie of the same name. He also made an appearance in the television show, “7th Heaven.”


The latest acting project Lofton can be seen in is the movie, “The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks,” as the character, Nick. The movie is now in the post-production phase.


Did You Know?


1) Lofton was the only cast member of the Deep Space Nine who never took on a role of a character that came from an alternate universe.


2) Lofton has is first rap CD in the works with the projected title of “Divine Intervention.”