Evangeline Adams , Famous Predictions and Impact on Astrology

Arrests and bumps with the law did not end in 1911 for Adams. She went to court in New York for telling fortunes in 1914. In the end, she was acquitted of all wrongdoing. The newspapers stated that the judge’s decision surrounded the fact that she had elevated astrology to a level that matched “an exact science.”

Those who had a knack for telling fortunes were coming under fire more and more. For instance, Alan Leo (a prominent British astrologer often heralded as the ‘father of modern astrology’) was first arrested in 1914 and was found guilty in a London trial centered on telling fortunes in 1917. Adams was a bit more cautious in her actions, but nonetheless , did not stop her forecasting.

Famous Predictions

Some of Adams’ famous predictions centered on the cycle of Uranus in regards to the US chart. While giving a lection on January 2nd 1927, she stated that the signs pointed to war and would center on racial, religious, and political reasons. She predicted war in 1942, 1943 and 1944. She explained that Uranus aspecting Jupiter in the US chart meant that future financial woes would arise. Adams warned people to be highly cautious in matters of money and investment , pointing to 1928 and 1929 as important years. She told people to watch out for a configuration of planets that could become a threat. In October of 1929, the stock market crashed.

Evangeline Adams was also linked to a range of notable characters in her lifetime, such as the infamous Aleister Crowley, where they both worked on a book together. Rumors swirled at that time, stating that the two were romantically involved. Once they parted ways, Crowley turned around and published negative comments regarding the astrological talents of Adams. He also looked down upon her methods of business and threw underhanded criticisms towards Adams.

Published Books and Other Projects

When it comes to published books, Adams did not become published until after she married a promoter named George E. Jordan, Jr. At the time, she was 50 years old and he was more than 20 years younger than she. To her credit, she penned The Bowl Heaven (in 1926) , a pleasantly received autobiography. Another text that Adams wrote was Astrology: Your Place Among The Stars (1930), which is the co-written book with Crowley that was previously mentioned. This particular piece called attention to the level of influence that the planets had on the zodiac signs. Around the same time, Adams manned a radio show that had become quite popular.

Her legacy and contribution to the world of astrology was undoubted, as proven by medical astrologer Dr. Luke D. Broughton, who traveled from Leeds to the United States during the 1850s and exclaimed that only 20 people in the country were able to calculate a birth chart , none of the individuals were American. Adams is cited as being instrumental in making the practice popular. Over the years, thousands of people were interested and well versed in astrology. As a result, Sun-sign and psychological astrology spread over the population with mounting curiosity. Unfortunately, Adams never passed on her techniques or skills in detail to another.

Today, Adams’ books are no longer in print and students from all over are scouring old bookshops and libraries to get a hold of her texts.