Exploring the Elements , Air Signs

Joining Mercury and Uranus as associations to the element of air, are three planets that ooze intellect, prosperous ideas, great concepts, insight, innovative thoughts, and thorough planning. In this article, you will learn some of the common characteristics of people born under the element of air, as well as a few tidbits of information when it comes to the zodiac signs attached to the air sign.

To learn more about the air signs that you may come in contact with on a daily basis, it is suggested to become familiar with some of the traits that seem to show as a commonality amongst an air sign individual. They like to use their mind and are fluid in their movement. Books are a great comfort, as well as technology, such as televisions and computers. Usually, it is not uncommon to find that they dislike the cold. Flowers bring smiles to their faces.

Typical Air Sign Characteristics

Out of all the elements, it is air that displays the highest level of intellect and innovation. Disregarding the material world, they are motivated by the joy they receive when communicating with others and sharing their thoughts. They are wizards at joining in a discussion and adding substance to the conversation. In order to tap into the core of an air sign is to speak to their ‘mental’ side.

An individual that shows a chart with an innovative air strong are known to come up with the best ideas. When you are looking for new ways at looking at a situation, it is an air sign that will come in pretty handy. However, it is important to note that the sign isn’t the most practical and while their ideas could become amazing, they usually rely on others to execute.

When an air sign is balanced, a person is graceful, fair in judgment, and objective. They are social butterflies who keep the lines of communication very open. For the most part, you can count on them to be rather honest. With a lively mind and full of intuition, they are known to function on a rational plane. However, an unbalanced air sign with too much air is full of nervous energy, can’t stand still, and seem unstable. They may spend a minimal amount of time on a variety of thoughts and find it hard to concentrate. It is not uncommon to encounter quickened speech, which is probably why many air signs suffer from conditions, such as dyslexia and stuttering. Not having enough air also has an effect. Their perception is altered and they could become quite irrational.

Who Are the Air Signs?

Gemini , Usually known to insist upon being communicative and has a problem taking back words that they should not have said, a Gemini belongs to the air sign. However, the mutable quality linked to this sign helps one to adapt.

Libra , Places a great deal of weight in relationships, Librans are also part of the air sign collection. They are great at using their mind to their advantage, connecting to those around them.

Aquarius ,  Some Aquarians are able to see into the future, but on the downside, they can become rather difficult when faced with an element of change.