Exploring the Elements , Earth Signs

The planet Saturn isn’t the only entity that is connected to the element of earth, as there are three zodiac signs associated with the element that centers on being secure. When astrologists think of this element, an assortment of descriptions often comes to mind. The earth element is often linked to productivity, fertility, sensuality, and of course, security. Basic needs and the body (especially the physical part) are also associated with the element that also suggests signs of caution.

When it comes to describing an individual born under the earth element, you may notice a few attributes shared in common. They may showcase an above average sense of smell; appear poised and dignified; and speak with slow and deliberate words. Earth signs are also known as practical thinkers.

Typical Earth Sign Characteristics

When it comes to pinpointing the most practical out of all the elemental signs, Earth is topping the list. This element is known for making a situation better when chaos is running rampant. They possess the ability to make solid judgments and endure hardships. This element is rather fertile, which is why it is greatly associated with the physical body, physical senses, as well as a person’s level of sensuality. Being born under the earth element means that all five senses become rather important. They are used to initiate interaction with others and also help them to make better sense out of the world and their surroundings.

Usually, an earth sign will zero in on the practical aspect of a situation. When placed in certain situations, they are constantly thinking of how to survive, their security, food, warmth , the basic necessities of life. When looking for someone reliable, earth signs can be trusted to follow through on promises.

While earth signs enjoy mingling with others and see the significance of human contact, it is not uncommon to find individuals born under this element to lead a self-sufficient life. An earthy personality does not need other people in order to live and function on a regular basis.

When it comes to elements, balance is rather important. For the earth sign, being balanced means they are full of tolerance, patience, and are realistic. When an individual born under this sign is functioning at their highest capacity , they are able to accomplish all of the tasks they have set aside for themselves. However, when the earth sign becomes unbalanced is when you get to see another side of this usually stable sign.

Too much earth creates a tired and inflexible individual that is slowed in their thinking with delayed reaction times. Some may begin oversleeping or become quite resistance to any change that may creep up into their life. The body and their emotions undergo a toxic transformation, which requires a routine cleansing. When an earth sign is lacking, the body become overwhelmed with toxins. Their personality suffers, as it becomes unstable. They lack vision with their energy levels shooting up and then down. This is when irrational behavior may come into play as well.

Who Are the Earth Signs?

Interested in who fits the description of the typically practical earth sign?

Taurus , Out of all the other earth signs, Taurus is known as the most fixed and enduring. Their immediate interaction with anything physical is undeniable.

Virgo , Mutable Virgo is rather organized and usually leads a refined lifestyle. Another trait is the ability to become adaptable.

Capricorn , There is a determination to conquer all in front of their eyes when it comes to Capricorn, who also likes to mold the things around them.