February Birthdays: Astrological Myths 2

In this article following the astrological myths and ancient celebrations of February birthdays, you will learn which day has an ancient connection to magic, as well as the purpose of paying homage to the Lady of the Beasts.

February 12th Birthdays

February 12th is known as a holy day to a rather sacred figure in Roman mythology. Diana is known by many different names, which include the Lady of the Beasts and the Roman Moon goddess. It is she that is revered as the patroness of the hunt and guardian of the forest near Aricia , the location believed to serve as her sacred grove. Diana is also known to watch over pregnant animals and their babies, making her the right goddess to worship if you owned livestock. It is said that when light returns to the Earth, the powers of protection that Diana possesses are conjured up for all creatures to benefit from. Individuals born on February 12th are often viewed as going beyond the ‘people person’ persona that many water bearers possess.

February 14th Birthdays

If you’ve ever wondered where the tale of Valentine’s Day got its start, you will need to look back to the Feast of Saint Valentine for the answer. Legend has it that the patron saint of lovers was once a bishop named Valentine who had a reputation for overseeing the weddings of Roman soldiers. His actions defied an order given by Claudius II, who forbid the soldiers to take a wife. As a result, Valentine was condemned to death, but upon hearing the verdict, he cured the judge’s daughter of her blindness. The tale goes on to state that he sent her a letter that was signed ‘your Valentine.’ Those born on this day usually have a burning desire to tell the truth and share their opinions with the rest of the world.

February 15th Birthdays

Looking for a little magic in your life? Individuals born on February 15th are connected to the ancient Roman celebration centered on the Feast of the Wolf (also called the Lupercalia). Celebrated in the cave located on Palantine Hill, locals reflected on the tale of Remus and Romulus, who were suckled by a wolf that took on the responsibilities as their ‘foster-mother.’  This particular festival was known to mark the start of spring and was filled with ritual purification and magic centered on fertility.

February 16th Birthdays

In Tibet, an ancient rite of the people usually took place on this day, which was also linked to the New Year Festival. Called the Devil’s Dance, a sorcerer was called upon to exorcize the demons and evil spirits that plagued locals from the previous year. An Aquarius born on this day usually keeps him or herself in high spirits and has a knack for exhibiting great courage.