February Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

The second half of February is devoted to individuals born under the zodiac sign of the Pisces. With these beings, they are believed to contain a little bit of every sign within the zodiac. In this article, you will learn about some of the ancient connections and mythological links associated with people born on certain days in the month of February.

February 21st Birthdays

If you were born on February 21st, chances are that you embrace creativity, romance, and make full use of your imagination. To the ancient Romans, this day meant the celebration of All Soul’s Day, which was held on a yearly basis and observed during the close of Parentalia. This was the time for family members to meet up with one another at the tombs of their ancestors. It was here that they said their prayers and also paid tribute to their ancestral guardian spirits (known as the Lares). Offerings were left for the spirits of the dead on this day, who were thought to still travel the world.

February 24th Birthdays

Every year, Shiva (the Hindu Moon god of the mountains) is honored on and around this date in India. The occasion is marked by a day of fasting. Following the ritual fasting, worshippers make their way to temples devoted to Shiva and partake in a celestial dance of creation. This rite is also accompanied by an oil-lamp vigil called Shivaratri (Shiva’s Night). Qualities usually found in a Pisces born on this day, includes a sympathetic nature and the ability to nurture those they come in contact with.

February 27th Birthdays

During ancient Roman days, people of the time period celebrated Equirria, which consisted of horseracing held in honor of the god Mars. Taking place on an annual basis, the celebration was one that Romulus arranged to take place in the Campus Martius on Caelian Hill. In early records, Mars was originally acknowledged as the god of agriculture. However, later times linked him with the Greek god Ares, who turned onto a god of war. If you possess a February 27th birthday, you may find yourself gravitating to artistic, cutting edge, and society-related endeavors.

February 29th Birthdays

For many, born on Leap Year is a bummer because your exact date of birth only rolls around every four years. However, you can take pride in knowing that this is a special circumstance related to your birthday. An interesting tradition connected to this day is one that allowed a woman to propose marriage to the love of her life. If he declined to take the woman as his wife, the man was honor bound to bestow a gift upon her. A person born on February 29th tends to be extremely sensitive.

Other associations regarding February birthdays that haven’t been mentioned in the three installments of this article series, includes:

·    February 7th , A yearly festival centered on fertility called Li Ch’un was celebrated with bamboo and paper effigies as a way to welcome back spring.

·    February 13th , Senior Vestal Virgins during ancient Roman times performed rites in honor of the dead on Old Leap Year’s Day.

·    February 17th , The Roman Festival of Fornacalia, which honored the oven goddess, Fornax.

·    February 25th , The commemoration of Queen Esther, who pleaded with a king in an attempt to save her people held captive in Persia.