Gemini Love Match: Taurus & Cancer

In order for love and a relationship to bloom, there has to be some qualities that either produce attraction or are enough to build off of. Depending on the person, the qualities may be likable to most or only appealing to you. In the case of a Gemini, the person who tames this beast should be able to ease boredom when it eventually sets in. This is one of the things a Gemini will appreciate. In this article, we will take a look to see if the Taurus, Cancer or Sagittarius has anything to offer a Gemini that is looking for love.


When it comes to a Gemini and a Taurus, the longevity of their relationship is a bit iffy. In the beginning, there are a few things that may draw them to one another, but soon dominating characteristics will soon emerge and spoil the milk. Gemini will find Taurus uncomplicated when it comes to speaking their mind and this is a good thing. Taurus finds interest in the zip that Gemini displays. Are you ready for when the controversy starts to heat up?


First, Taurus is more of a homebody and enjoys their life to have some sort of organization, as well as stability. This doesn’t suit Gemini very well because they are always on the go, searching for new adventures and people to share them with. They tend to tire of the things around them quite easily. When Taurus wishes Gemini would stay more at home, Gemini wants to explore the great beyond. In the bedroom, Gemini is hard to please. Usually, Taurus doesn’t add enough spice to keep he or she satisfied. Since Gemini is always out wandering about town looking for something new to get into, Taurus shows their unappealing possessive and jealous side.


As for Cancer and Gemini, the prospect of a relationship that stands the test of time is highly unlikely between these two. Although Cancer is full of passion and takes care of the physical needs of Gemini, this is not everything to a relationship. Gemini will bring cheer to the relationship and brighten Cancer’s day, but this will not be enough to keep the two together. For starters, Gemini’s flirtiness in life brings insecurities out of Cancer, who needs to feel a sense of security and home life. Gemini may more than likely seek outside companionship, which is surely enough to break the bond between these lovers.


They also do not have enough in common to make things last. Cancer likes to build up the home, while Gemini does not like the confinement of staying at the home front. Cancer tends to go through a series of moods, which drives Gemini nuts. Patience is not one of their main qualities. The lack of patience leads to hurtful words that cut deep. Cancer does not respond well to these impatient gestures. From the beginning, signs point to a relationship that will run its course before it has even started.