Gemini Love Matches: Pisces & Aquarius

Love is in the air or maybe not, who knows, but you may want to know who is more compatible with you when it comes to the zodiac. Some people live and die by the zodiac and this includes finding their lovers, friends and life-long partners. In this article, we will look at the love matches between a Gemini and an Aquarius, as well as a Pisces.


When a Gemini and an Aquarius get together; will it last or will it fall as quick as it starts? Aquarius is attracted to the versatility of the Gemini, where Gemini feels comfort with the bright ideas that Aquarius comes up with. There are several aspects of the relationship that the two of these lovers will share. First, they enjoy traveling about the world, as well as making new friends in new, exciting places. One of the faults that will arise in this relationship is that they both possess unpredictable tendencies, which can cause bumps in their road of love.


So what makes these two able to weather the storm? Gemini is witty and a nice person to be around when you need a “pick-me-up.” Aquarius enjoys this quality in their mate. Aquarius is also an understanding soul, who will look past Gemini’s unstable path that they sometimes follow. A good thing that will come out of this relationship if it should fail to go the distance is that these two tend to stay friends after things don’t work out on the relationship tip. A loving marriage can spring forth when these two get together, where devotion takes center stage. As for the passion, it will be a slow burn.


When it comes to a union between a Gemini and a Pisces, you will find that the passion burns wildly between these two characters. This is also a relationship that will have a great deal of problems to sort out. Gemini may come off too strong to the Pisces, who is a bundle of nerves, as well as emotions. It will not take much for Gemini to really hurt the feelings of their mate. On that note, Pisces may take things to harshly and show too much of their sensitive side, which only fuels the antics that Gemini brings to the table.


There is also the issue of keeping things from one another, where both are at fault in these circumstances. Pisces also has a tendency not to deal with reality. Gemini may view Pisces as too clingy at times because of their desire for constant reassurance that they are loved and wanted. Since Gemini enjoys his or her freedom, they feel a bit stifled by this. The further Gemini seeks their new adventures and exercises their freedom, the more Pisces feels that they have to lure their lover back in. After a bit of pulling and pushing on both ends, Gemini feels too caged in the relationship and begins to look elsewhere, which might be the best thing for Pisces, who will not find the security they need in the relationship anyways.