History of Tarot Cards

The history of the Tarot Cards is in much question. No one really knows where they came from, how long they have been around.

Some people think they originate in China in the 10th century AD. We know that not long after that, the Hindus added 10 suits, representing
the Ten Incarnations of Vishnu. But, this is also debated.

Tarot cards spread over Europe as the Crusaders returned home. Many believe the Crusaders returning from Saracans, Arabia, brought the cards to Italy and Spain. Still others believe the Gypsies introduced Tarot Cards to Europe. They think the Gypsies have always used cards for fortunetelling.

Many different books have been written on the Tarot cards, and they all say different things.

What each card means varies from book to book… sometimes considerably so. Some fortunetellers use the Tarot Cards to foretell
the future…they seem to believe the future can be known, divined from the cards.

Most teachings in books tell us that the Reader is supposed to blank out his or her mind and thoughts, block out outside forces and spirits.

Emptying the mind so to speak can be accomplished by self-hypnosis, meditation, Yoga, chanting, the bells… use of other Protective Relics.

The Tarot Cards have a mystic appeal no doubt, and that has been lasting. But, are they mystical ?? This is a matter of opinion. Most of wear our beliefs about these things as a loose garment… and beware taking them utterly seriously.

Spirit to Spirit Readers in TheDarkAges belive the cards can impart certain ideas or ‘facts’ from one’s aura. Of course, where the spirit jests,
no reading can be remotely accurate! The cards cannot lie and do not lie… sometimes they reveal a great deal, sometimes, little. They are as moody as the aura.

It is clear that everyone cannot ‘read’ the Tarot Cards, and Reading the Cards takes much Insight, Intuition, and Calling. Beware mundane readers. Few and few between are called to read the Sacred Tarot.

Biblical Scripture is very clear about turning oneself over to ‘occultic’ practices, and turning away from God. This is sound advice… One would be very foolish to abandon God for the Tarot Cards, Beloved!!!
No one can ‘divine’…. One can get lost following false teachings
of any kind.

Enjoy the cards but do not take them seriously, if you choose to have a reading. Do not think of them as religious, or make them a part of your religion. That is immature at best, dangerous at worst.

The Tarot Deck

There are 78 cards in the Tarot.
They are divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.
Arcana means mysteries, secrets.

The Cards in the Major Arcana represent
various aspects of life and the world.
They attempt to be all-inclusive
of the various stages of life, and
what is in life and in the mind.

In the Minor Arcana, there are 4 Realms,
representing the elements of
Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

There are Four Realms in the Tarot, in the World:
The Fellowship of Power (Swords= Air),
The Fellowship of the Spirtual (Batons,sticks= Fire),
The Fellowship of the Humanities (Cups= Water), and
The Fellowship of Money and Finance(Pentacles= Earth).
The Tarot has cards representing all aspects of
these fellowships in the Minor Arcana.
There are 10 cards in every court.

The Tarot Cards clearly represent different
archetypes, different personalities.
They are very symbolic, and thus
fairly well mirror our conscious and unconscious.

Various factors influence a reading:
The time of day,
The mood and honesty of the Reader,
The mood and honesty of the Enquirer,
Setting (where the cards are read),
Environmental influences.
There must not be frivolous environmental noises.
Other things that will affect and hinder accuracy:
Gum-chewing, the Eating of Food…
Television on…Radio Noises…
Yawning and Burping,
Physical Illness, Colds and Coughing.

Lighting is important. No glare.
Burning incense is soothing to the Spirit
during a reading.
The cards should always be shuffled thoroughly.
The Enquirer should cut the cards once,
preferably using the left hand.

Using a Significator is helpful.
More will be written elsewhere about the
Significator in another essay.
Nothing in the Tarot is disconnected…
All is One,
All is One unto Another,
All is the Past and the Present and the Future.