January Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

What was the role given to six virgin priestesses during the ancient days of Rome? In this article, you will learn some of the astrological myths associated with January birthdays, including those born on the 15th, 19th, 21st, 25th, and 27th.

January 15th Birthdays

During ancient Roman days, the people celebrated a festival called the Feast of the Ass, which paid homage to the creature that was sacred to the veiled goddess of the hearth, Vesta. Rituals associated with the festival included offering homemade bread and salt cakes, which were left at the temple of Vesta. This is where her hearth fire was kept continuously burning. At that time, six virgin priestesses (called the Vestal Virgins) were in charge of tending the fire. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself striving to reach harmony and peace within your life if you are born on January 15th.

January 19th Birthdays

In Iceland, Husband’s Day (also known as Thorrablottar), was celebrated on this date. During ancient times, the mighty Norse god Thor (better known as the lord of lightning bolts and thunder with the red beard) enjoyed a festival in his honor on this day. The ancient Druids also performed the Bull Prophecy (the Tarbh-Feis), as a way to seek assistance from spirits in an effort to help out the community and the king. Individuals born on January 19th are said to possess great vision and innovation.

January 21st Birthdays

Saint Agnes’ Day was celebrated on January 21st by the Roman Catholics, who named the day after a child martyr who was beheaded in 304 CE for objecting to marry. Traditionally, practitioners concentrated on a period of divination by fire, casting love spells, and seeking information regarding the future to come for relationships that may take place in the coming year. During ancient times in Denmark, the day was sacred to the worship of the goddess Yngona. A person born on January 21st is often looked upon as possessing an outgoing, dynamic personality.

January 25th Birthdays

The Vietnamese New Year festival (called Tet) is observed on January 25th, where traditional feast take place and people take the time to make offerings to ancient deities. Good luck rituals are also performed at this time. With whistles, bells, and horns in hand, the festivities additionally include acts to drive away evil spirits. According to the old runic calendar, thr Norse guardian goddess enjoyed the Feast of Disir, which took place at the temple located in Uppsala, Sweden. A blend of common sense and mysticism can be found in an individual born on January 25th.

January 27th Birthdays

Acknowledging the Assyrian/Babylonia goddess of love as the ‘Light of the World,’ January 27th was observed as the Day of Ishtar, who was also viewed as the ruler of the morning and evening. It was Ishtar who was seen as the divine personification of the plant Venus , thus the correlation to the morning and evening star. Being born on this day, an individual usually exhibits great curiosity, intuition, and self motivation throughout his or her life.