July Birthdays: Astrological Myths 1

A birthday set in the beginning of July means that you share the characteristics of the zodiac sign of Cancer, which is represented by the crab. In this article, you will learn a few astrological myths, folklore, and ancient celebrations associated with a handful of birthdays in July, including July 1st, July 2nd, and July 5th.  

July 1st Birthdays

For the snake gods called Nagas in Nepal, a festival known as Naga Pachami is set aside in their honor. Religious altars showcase the images of snakes decorated with garlands of flowers. Locals gather around snake holes to make offerings. The streets also fill with people who wish to catch sight of the impressive parades that take place with people wearing elaborate costumes and carrying around live snakes. Crabs born on the 1st of July are usually more aggressive than other Cancer Sun sign individuals. Some of the characteristics associated with someone born on this day include a sharp mind, thirst for adventure, and a great deal of personal ambition.

July 2nd Birthdays

If you lived during ancient Roman days, then you would have probably witnessed the Feast of Expectant Mothers take place on the same day as your birthday. Throughout the city, temples swelled with pregnant women who came to receive blessings for themselves, as well as for their babies. This was a time where goddesses of fertility were worshipped, such as Bona Dea, who was known as the good goddess. Other goddesses that received attention on this day included Juno. Lucina, Diana, and Carmenta. Expect a warm and compassionate disposition from someone born on this day.

July 5th   Birthdays

During ancient Egyptian times, July 5th served as a day to pay homage to the goddess Maat, who was linked to truth and wisdom. However, in Celtic circles, this date means something different. People gather on Tynwald Hill on the Isle of Man to celebrate Norse traditions that have dated back more than 1,000 years ago. It is the belief that the hill is positioned on top of a mound that served as a place of pagan gatherings. Individuals born on this day are known to seek a life filled with freedom.

July 9th Birthdays

Love is what guides the man or woman born on July 9th, as they are constantly looking for someone to call their own and usually channel a complete romantic at heart. In the past, the ancient Greeks saw this day as a time to praise two familiar characters in mythology. The first was Dionysus , the god of wine and fertility with the second being Rhea , the mother of the Olympian gods.

Other celebrations that took place in July, included:

·    Italians saw July 3rd as a sacred day for the witch of Gaeta, while ancient Greeks honored the goddess Athena.

·    The Roman goddess of peace and harmony (known as Pax) was honored on the 4th of July with a great deal of feasting.

·    A July 7th birthday shares the same day as the Star Festival , a Japanese celebration that takes into account the reunion of two celestial lovers who are known to have linked a raging river by using their bodies.