July Birthdays: Astrological Myths 2

Depending on where your birthday falls, you may exhibit the characteristics of Cancer’s crab or the fierceness of Leo the lion. In this article, explore some of the myths, ancient festivals, and other astrological connections that are found for individuals that celebrate their birthday in the middle of July.

July 12th Birthdays

If you have been born on this day, then you’ll be pleased to know that an old superstition pertains to your date of birth. It is said that this is the luckiest time of the year to be brought into the world. Some people believe that a child born on this day is destined to lead a life filled with great success and prosperity. However, in the Tibetan culture, it is the god of death and the underworld associated with the Buddhist and Hindu faith that is worshipped with an ancient festival called the Old Dances.

July 13th Birthdays

On this day, you share your birthday with Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of vegetation, law and the underworld. The Japanese celebrate the Bon Festival of the Dead, which pays homage to ancestral spirits. It is the belief that the spirits of the dead make a return trip during Obon. To get ready for the occasion, families prepare for their arrival by organizing the Feast of Fortune. One thing to tap into if you are born on this day is to work harder in order to achieve all of your goals.

July 18th Birthdays

The Lothian legend states that when Princess Thenew of Taneu became pregnant without the prospect of getting married, her family tossed her from the summit of Traprain Law. However, the daughter of the 6th century king, Laudonus of Scotland, actually survived her fall and later gave birth to a son that she named Kentigern.  On this day, she is respected as the patron saint of unwed mothers. Crabs that are born on this day typically allow their emotions and feelings to guide the choices they make instead of their ideas.

July 19th Birthdays

During ancient Greek times, the people set aside July 19th as a day to celebrate Adonia, which marked the 6-month point of Adonis’ presence on Earth. This is also the date in which he married Aphrodite. This date also served as the Egyptian New Year. Ancient Egyptians would also celebrate the birthday of the mother goddess Isis and her anniversary with Osiris , the god of vegetation.

Other birthday connections to consider in the month of July include:

July 14th: On this day, it is a tradition to light royal blue candles on an altar and burn frankincense and myrrh to pay homage to the Egyptian god Horus with the head of a falcon.

July 15th: The birth of Set (or Seth) , the Egyptian god of darkness and magical arts , is celebrated on this day.

July 17th: On an annual basis, a Shinto procession is conducted on this day to pay honor to the Japanese Sun-god named Amaterasu-Omikami.