July Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

Cancer birthdays may dominate the start of July, but by the time the end of the month rolls around, it is the lion that is awakened with Leo birthday boys and girls. In this article, we’ll highlight a handful of ancient celebrations, myths, and folklore attached to birthdays situated at the end of the month of July.

July 21st Birthdays

To this day, the Mayan New Year is celebrated each year in certain parts of Mexico and Central America. This is a time where the indigenous people gather to bring in this sacred occasion that is filled with special prayers and feasts , held in the honor of the old gods. July 21st is also the day where the Greek seer named Dano is worshipped. The wise daughter of the sage and philosopher Pythagoras was the keeper of all of his secrets. Cancer signs born on this day usually have a knack with words. Don’t be surprised if they turn out to become a successful writer, politicians, debaters and salespersons.

July 22nd Birthdays

It was on this day that the first sighting of the infamous Loch Ness Monster took place in 1930. Officially documented in Scotland, the monster who has been called Old Nessie throughout the years, has since been seen by thousands of people. Many travelers make their way to Scotland to catch sight of the ‘monster’ each year. For the birthday girl or boy born on the Cancer/Leo cusp possesses a creative flair that tends to float on the dramatic side.

July 23rd Birthdays

Leos born on this day tend to showcase creative characteristics full of imagination. However, take note that they are often individuals at heart. During ancient Roman days, someone born on this day would enjoy the festival of the Neptunalia, which paid homage to the sea god Neptune and his wife Salacia, who was known as the goddess of the salty sea. She also watched over the inland springs that harbored waters high in minerals. It was the belief that the goddess Sulis is connected to the goddess Salacia, who is still worshipped at the sacred hot springs in Bath, England.

July 25th Birthdays

For more than 1,000 years, the Tenjin festival has been celebrated in Osaka, Japan on July 25th. Centered on paper dolls, handmade dolls are rubbed on the bodies of ‘the faithful’ as a way to take away negativity, sickness, as well as evil spirits. Once the ritual is complete, the dolls are transported to the Dojima River and tossed in. As the dolls are discarded, it is believed that they will carry away ill heath and bad fortune with them. As a Leo born on this day, make sure to recognize your need for independence that may interfere with your desire to find a suitable mate. Learn how to make compromises and you’ll go further in love.