June Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

From June 21st onto the rest of the month, the zodiac sign Cancer dominates birthday celebrations. In the past, if you were born on the days listed in this article, you might have been paying homage to a handful of important gods and goddesses, such as the ancient Welsh lunar goddess, Cerridwen.

June 20th Birthdays

On this day, the keeper of the Otherworld’s Sacred Cauldron of Wisdom (better known as the ancient Welsh lunar goddess, Cerridwen), is celebrated. She is in charge of cauldron responsible for ‘brewing’ inspiration and divine knowledge. In small pots shaped like cauldrons, her sacred herb (vervain) is burned. People also tie green ribbons to trees and light green candles in altars that are dedicated to the goddess. Individuals born on this day are usually dramatic, outgoing, charming, and enjoy creating balanced relationships.

June 23rd Birthdays

Up until recently, in Ireland, Bonfire Night (also known as Saint John’s Eve) was celebrated throughout the country. This fire festival has ancient ties and would kick off with the lighting of bonfires on this day, just when the sun had set. People would then watch the fires and tended to them so that they would last well after midnight. In an attempt to gain God’s blessing for crops, prayers were offered. A Cancer birthday boy or girl born on this day tends to possess a free spirited attitude that longs for independence, but can often bump heads with their inner desire to settle at their home.

June 24th Birthdays

If you were born on June 24th, then you share a connection with an old Egyptian festival called the Burning of the Lamps. On this date, the city of Sais (located on the Nile delta), would celebrate this occasion. During ancient Roman days, the yearly event called the Fors Fortuna was held, paying homage to Fortuna, the goddess of good luck. It was their hopes that they would receive her blessing. In Peru, a festival honoring the Sun-god, Inti Raymi takes place. Crabs born on this day are typically perfect for careers in creativity, such as an artist, fashion designer, or interior decorator.

Other ancient associations, myths, and celebrations of the past linked to June birthdays include:

June 17th Birthdays , In Japan, the ancient Shinto purification rite of the Cleansing Lily is observed. People gather the stalks of lilies, which are blessed as an offering. This practice is meant to bring an end to the rainy season.

June 25th Birthdays , Amongst the young women living in the Blekinge province of Sweden, a Midsummer Bride or May Queen is picked on this day. The tradition sees the woman choosing a Bridegroom. The ‘happy couple’ then collects money from onlookers, which is then later donated to local churches and charities.