Looking for Love , the Zodiac Sign Way: Cancer

Known for his or her nurturing personality, a person born under the zodiac sign of Cancer may also display moods that go up and down at the drop of a time. This attribute and others could help you decide whether or not a relationship with a Cancer love is worth the trouble. In this article, you will learn additional personality and character traits of the zodiac sign guided by the crab.

It is the mystery and ever-changing nature of the Moon that causes a Cancer love to show a range of moods and emotions that changes at any moment. When looking towards the Cancer sign to provide you with a relationship, keep in mind that a potential love can be pretty sensitive. When feelings get hurt, it is not uncommon to find your significant other retreating. Prepare for a pouty look or the silent treatment. However, when you are in a bad mood, a Cancer love can catch the vibe, before you know it. They are great at making people feel better as it is in their nurturing nature to make everything feel alright.

Building a home, living the domestic life, and enjoying security in a relationship are top priorities for most Cancers. Females may pine over the thought of having children. Buying a starter home is a typical goal. Providing a warm environment for those they love is an important feature of a relationship with a Cancer love. This is probably why a lot of Cancers are considered homebodies, as they enjoy staying within the comforts of their own home, where they feel completely safe.

A Cancer love may hold a passion for traveling. It is not uncommon to see Cancers gravitate to a career where seeing the world or visiting other destinations is involved. When you are pursuing a relationship with a Cancer sign, it is important to recognize that they are generally not that easy to woo or impress. They are picky to whom they give their heart to. Sometimes, they feel safer when they keep their true feelings hidden away until they know they can fully trust a potential companion. Basically, they want to know they are entering into a secure relationship.

The actions of a Cancer love may draw from other zodiac associations. As a water sign, Cancers are usually full of imagination. Belonging to a cardinal sign, they are often prone to action. Since crabs are naturally hard-working creatures, you may find this characteristic in a Cancer love. In matters of money, there is usually no need to worry, as they possess a way with dollars and cents. Other possibilities that a match made in heaven with a Cancer can produce include:

·    Life with a dreamer
·    Possessing a secure job status
·    Lots of kissing and cuddling
·    Hard to truly get to know
·    Sometimes full of contradictions
·    Romantic and sentimental

Planetary Ruler: The Moon
Color: Silver
Metal: Silver
Gemstone: Moonstone
Sun Sign Chart: Cardinal, Water

Best Love Matches: Pisces, Taurus, Leo, and Virgo