Looking for Love , the Zodiac Sign Way: Gemini

Known as the great communicator, individuals born under the sign of Gemini are represented by the twins and often bring an electric duality into a relationship. In this article, you will learn more about their personality and character as it pertains to finding the love of their life.

Just when you thought you’d never have to argue in another relationship again due to lack of communication, slow down before getting too excited with a Gemini love. Being good at communicating also works in the favor of a Gemini, as they are able to talk their way out of any situation or into the heart of someone they are interested in. This attribute also allows one born under this sign to indulge in a free-spirited attitude. One moment they are in one place, while the next is spent roaming to the next. They are interested in spreading the latest tidbits of news. Don’t be surprised if you have a gossip on your hands.

Exercising their intellectuality, Geminis love the art of conversation and will jump at the chance to debate or exchange viewpoints. They are attracted to people who can hold a conversation and have an opinion of their own. They also enjoy the variety in life and when things get too slow for them, they don’t hesitate to add excitement in their lives, even if they have to create it on their own.

A Gemini love may enjoy fishing one month and then want to take up bowling the next. A great deal of things usually interest them, but upon scratching the surface, an interest may not last that long. If you expect a Gemini love to join a club with you for the next 10 years, chances are very high that you will be attending meetings alone often. They are easily distracted and another adventure can quickly grab their attention. This is an important feature of a Gemini’s personality that will come into play with their relationships. Will you be able to keep his or her interest?

Gemini is a dual sign that enjoys his or her freedom, but doesn’t want to be alone in love. They are mostly willing to compromise their own freedom in order to obtain a long-lasting relationship. While love is a significant part of their life, they also admire the value of a solid friendship and compatible companionship. While romance ranks high on their list, they will never settle for a relationship where little to no words are exchanged. Other features of a Gemini love include:

·    Easily distracted in all facets of life
·    Likely to go off on a tangent
·    Values intelligence and a sense of humor above beauty
·    Attracted to a beautiful mind
·    Turned off by drama kings and queens
·    May have issues dealing with their feelings
·    Doesn’t like overly doting relationships  

Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Color: Yellow
Metal: Mercury
Gemstone: Agate
Sun Sign Chart: Mutable, Air

Best Love Matches: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius