Looking for Love , the Zodiac Sign Way: Leo

With a flair for adding drama to their life experiences, individuals born under the sign of Leo possess personalities ruled by the Sun. Full of enthusiasm and ambition, you may or may not be attracted to the attributes of a Leo when it comes to finding a love match. In this article, you will learn some of the typical quirks associated with a Leo boy or gal.

Attracted to getting attention and being in the limelight, you may find your next Leo love in the middle of a movie premiere or the opening of a new boutique in town. Even the quietest of Leos have been known to have a flair for the dramatic. When you’re contemplating a relationship with a Leo, you should know that they don’t like a mean streak and are turned off by pettiness. If you want to charm a Leo, make sure to acknowledge their good points and appreciate the things that they do.

On the work scene, the typical Leo is not concerned with making the most money or gaining control of the company. They instead, thrive when they have received a great deal of attention and recognition for what they have accomplished.

In an relationship with a Leo, beware of a real lack of patience , something that most people born under this sign will not have a lot to spare. Since their planetary ruler is the Sun, they are prone to displaying a fiery attitude and often need to learn a bit of discipline. Another fault that seems to dominant the habits of a Leo in love is the way they try to ‘help’ manage the lives of their loved ones. If allowed to run loose with this guidance, they could easily attempt to completely take over.

Interestingly, Leo is the fifth zodiacal sign, which is seeped in love and romance. It is rare that you find an individual born under the sign that likes to navigate life without a partner. However, the idealist found in a Leo often sets them up for disappointment when their expectations are not met. They tend to aim too high for happiness. But, the spirit of Leo is never down for long, and they are able to bounce back with ease. When they finally commit to a true love, they are loyal and generous.

Other attributes associated with the Leo sign, includes:

·    Wants the best things in life, but is willing to share with others
·    Has a tendency to help anyone in need , whether financially or emotionally
·    Possesses a take-charge personality
·    Can become a great asset and inspiration in a relationship
·    Displays a larger than life aura

Planetary Ruler: The Sun
Color: Gold
Metal: Gold
Gemstone: Ruby
Sun Sign Chart: Fixed, Fire

Best Love Matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries