Looking for Love , the Zodiac Sign Way: Libra

Known as the mediator, Libra loves are ruled by Venus and are represented by the scales. Even in their decision-making and relationship, they try to stay in the middle of things , not swaying to one side or the other. If you date a Libra man or woman, you will find that they are most happy when peace and harmony surrounds them. How will this fit into your plans for a relationship with a Libra love?

Arguments tend to be less of a headache when dating a Libra because something inside of them urges an avoidance of conflict and discord. If they smell any controversy or disharmony coming their way, they usually make sure to diffuse the situation. Libras also make great partners in a relationship because they enjoying working with others and prefer to collaborate with another whether it comes to living or working.

Since Venus is the ruling planet of Librans, they often like to fill their life with love, music, beauty, and art. Possessing airy qualities, Librans also take advantage of a sharp intellect and typically carry an interest in literature, the sciences, and mathematics.

Just because a Libra doesn’t like conflict, don’t make the mistake of thinking they are a pushover and you can run right over them. It is not uncommon to see a Libran wielding an iron fist with a delicate touch. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the notion that signs ruled by Venus are gentle like a dove, but this is a grave misconception. Just take a look at their symbol , the scales. They have their ups and downs and just like a scale, there isn’t always a perfect balance. It is common for this sign to dip back and forth. Keep in mind, during their down time , the can actually turn into a real beast.

When in love, Librans have a tendency to always see things in pairs. When not in a relationship, they may feel incomplete and crave the companionship of a partner. Courtships and dating are some of the high points of a Libra falling in love. They are a true romantic at heart and prefer romance over heated bedroom activities anytime. When they commit, they plunge head first into a relationship, ready to do all of the right things to make their mate happy. However, beware that a Libran can fall out of love just as quickly as he or she can fall into it.

Planetary Ruler: Venus
Color: Indigo
Metal: Bronze
Gemstone: Opal
Sun Sign Chart: Mutable, Earth

Best Love Matches: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra