Looking for Love , the Zodiac Sign Way: Taurus

Guided by the instincts of the bull, an individual born under the zodiac sign of Taurus could make quite a stable companion when you’re looking for love using the stars as help for locating a compatible man or woman. A Taurus love is considered one of the most grounded of the 12 zodiac signs. Additional information concerning their personality and relationship potential is found in this article.

A Taurus love is not impressed by a future that they find uneasy to grasp , they are interested in finding a significant other that can deliver a relationship filled with security. They want to make sure that they will have or be able to provide the basic necessities in life. Playing the dating game is not a competitive quest for the Taurus love, but instead, it is what they will get out of the results that are of most interest.

A Taurus makes a reliable partner. Since he or she is concerned with obtaining a relationship centered on security, they cannot stand to be betrayed or experience broken promises. Being disappointed in such a manner is a complete turn-off.

However, the Taurus sign does belong to the bull, which means you will encounter a bit of stubbornness in a relationship. They may also ignore your attempts to change their regular routine. A Taurus love enjoys following the beat of their own drummer and doing things at their own pace. Above all else, they like to feel comfortable, which is a main concern for a Taurus.

In the bedroom, a Taurus love takes pleasure in being sexually satisfied. Combining fine food, music, art, and drink is pretty enticing for this zodiac sign lover. The majority of Taureans are extremely passionate, but it takes a little time coaxing this trait out, as they are also shy and reserved at times.

Don’t expect a Taurus love to aggressively pursue a relationship; they tend to take their time when it comes to romance and love. This is why Taureans are usually the last to make the first move in a relationship. If for some chance you find yourself being pursued by a Taurus sign, look for subtle clues to identify his or her interest. No flashing lights will emerge.

It also takes a Taurus love a lot to make a commitment to a relationship, so don’t be surprised if you fall in love with a Taurus and find it hard to disconnect. Even when the going gets tough, a Taurus love will deal with the problems instead of ending a dead-end relationship to start all over again in the dating game.

Additional personality traits of a Taurus includes:

Full of determination
Stable in making choices
Possesses a ‘quiet strength’ that makes it easy to build trust with others
Hard to accept suggestions made by others
Enjoy being surrounded by objects and people that are pleasant and calming
Strives for a happy home setting and love life filled with harmony

Planetary Ruler: Venus
Color: Green
Metal: Copper
Gemstone: Emerald
Sun Sign Chart: Fixed, Earth

Typical Best Matches: Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, and Cancer