Looking for Love , the Zodiac Sign Way: Virgo

Sometimes, you just need an organized individual to balance you in a relationship, which is where Virgo shows his or her strengths. Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Virgos seem to pay the most attention to detail and order. In this article, you will encounter additional personality traits that typically appear in a Virgo, which can explain some of the reasons why you may clash or be attracted to this zodiac sign.

Logical and usually built with a curious mind, Virgos tend to naturally critique everything around them. At times, this can become annoying, as they can possess an obsession with being perfect. However, some of their actions will show the service side of the sign. They are highly reliable and can be trusted to come through when you really need a helping hand.

If you have a habit of turning your nose up at situations that take a lot of patience and time, your Virgo love will dive right in and explore all angles , making sure an answer to a problem is found. On the down side, being a slave to detail can become an issue, when your Virgo love becomes so consumed with the nitty gritty that they lose sight of the bigger picture at hand.

Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo love is great at communicating their feelings, but this attribute has a way of filling this zodiac sign with nervous energy. This restlessness can cause a Virgo to seek out the things that need ‘fixing’ or look for areas that need improvement , all of which can place a strain on a relationship under the right circumstances. If you have that annoying habit that drives Virgo crazy, they may try to find a way to remedy this annoyance.

You may also find an issue with how much worrying a Virgo can do, but for them, it helps to keep them focused on their health and aware of their cleanliness and hygiene. On an up side, Virgos have a tendency to take really good care of their bodies and can look years younger than their real age. They truly understand the relationship between people, food, and emotions, so depending on your take on the situation; this may or may not become an asset in a relationship. You may find an excellent exercise partner, as Virgos are often connected to healthy eating and staying fit. However, their affinity for constantly thinking about their health can cause a rift in some relationships.

Other features of a Virgo personality and character include:

·    Reliability
·    Practicality
·    Conscientious
·    Sometimes seen as uptight
·    Methodical in their ways

Overall, a relationship with a Virgo is filled with loyalty and caring. They tend to choose partners that shower them with love and affection, but watch out for their fear of rejection. This could make a Virgo hesitate to fully open up their heart.

Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Color: Dark Blue
Metal: Nickel
Gemstone: Sapphire
Sun Sign Chart: Cardinal, Air

Best Love Matches: Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus