Looking for Love , the Zodiac Way: Sagittarius

For people born under the sign of the Sagittarius, they seem to take on the persona of a traveler. Out of all the zodiac signs, archers are associated with Sagittarius because they are seen as wanderers and the seekers of truth. If you are looking for love using the zodiac as your guide, consider the information in this article, which highlights some of the personality traits and characteristics often linked to the Sagittarius love.

The Sagittarius love has a mind that doesn’t let up inquiring about what is going on in the world. It seems that everything is intriguing to them and they are enthusiastic to learn all that they can. In order to feel like themselves, they need to feel free to make their own choices and live in an environment that allows them to obtain all of the knowledge they desire. This makes a rather restless individual in many cases.

Your Sagittarius love may harbor a passion for seeking variety and change within their life. If you possess a smothering personality, you could easily become a turn off for a Sagittarian. A tip to keeping this zodiac sign lover happy is to participate in traveling adventures, check out the latest restaurant in town, and make new friends as a couple. Keep in mind that a Sagittarian will take off on a journey to an unknown destination just to experience something new and exciting. They are forever seeking knowledge.

When looking for the man or woman to share your life with, do you want a take-charge personality? Sagittarian loves have a knack for taking action and initiating the things that affect their life and their romantic relationships as well. However, watch out for the Sagittarian that enjoys starting a project, but has trouble completing their tasks. Keep in mind that they most often have the best intentions in mind. It’s just that they have a reputation for losing interest before seeing something all the way through.

For some, this is a red flag in a relationship that cannot be ignored. Someone who is constantly looking for something new and exciting to keep his or her interest may not be ready to settle down, which is a good thing to know before you pursue this zodiac sign.

Since Jupiter rules this zodiac sign, you should know that Sagittarians are risk takers and gamblers at heart. If you place financial security high on your list of priorities out of a relationship, this might be a characteristic of the zodiac sign you may want to keep in the back of your mind. However, Sagittarians are also lucky and can be resourceful. Typically, if they fall on their face, they are the kinds of people that are able to easily pick up where they left off.

Additional traits associated with Sagittarian lovers include:

·    Possessing a wide-ranging mental capacity
·    Highly intelligent
·    Full of intuition
·    Tendency to over-extend their finances
·    May exhibit overconfidence
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter
Color: Light Blue
Metal: Tin
Gemstone:  Turquoise
Best Love Matches: Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Libra