Looking for Love , the Zodiac Way: Scorpio

***image1**Since the planetary ruler of people born under the sign of Scorpio is Pluto (often associated with transformation and death), it is no wonder that this astrological sign is linked to rebirth and renewal. Possessing a view of the world that is extremely affected by their emotions, you must prepare for a love who relies on their gut feelings over the ideas of others if you start to fall for a Scorpio.

Stubbornness is often a word used to describe one born under the sign of Scorpio. Once he or she gets their mind set on one thing, it is nearly impossible to sway them in the opposite direction. However, you will find a highly curious individual in a Scorpio love, which can add to the many adventures the two of you may embark on together. However, some relationships have ended in disaster when curiosity has gotten the better of an inquisitive Scorpio. When they start to dig deeper into something that has caught their attention, disharmony in a relationship can arise.

While your companion seems good at deciphering your innermost thoughts and secrets, beware of the secrets that a Scorpio love may keep, as they wish to hide away some of their deepest thoughts and keep significant experiences undisclosed. However, Scorpio loves are interested in fulfilling their desires and will stop at almost nothing to achieve their goals. Just when you thought your Scorpio love is down and out, never underestimate what they will do to become happy.

Armed with a magnetic personality, a Scorpio man or woman doesn’t have many problems finding love and romance, as they usually possess a sensuality that easily turns heads. However, once they have zeroed in on a potential relationship, they make loyal partners. Just keep in mind that this personality of the zodiac can become quite demanding. There are times when a Scorpio love will stop at nothing to please the one that has captured their heart. Yet, at the drop of the dime, they can become quite stubborn when they don’t get their way.

Expect to slip into a pattern of trying to coax your Scorpio love into enjoying things outside of his or her boundaries. They are rarely spontaneous in their actions. They tend to plan and think out their moves before they attempt to execute them. They usually know what they want and they show no fear in obtaining it. It is not uncommon to find a Scorpio that stops at nothing to create the relationship they see themselves having.  

Additional traits typically associated with Scorpios include:

·    Strong-willed

·    Highly motivated

·    Full of determination

·    Usually accomplishes tasks that others find impossible

·    Doesn’t give up easily

·    Hard to understand

·    Complicated

·    Oftentimes dubbed ‘mysterious’

Planetary Ruler: Pluto

Color: Dark Red

Metal: Steel

Gemstone: Topaz

Best Love Matches: Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer