March Birthdays: Astrological Myths 1

Individuals born in March either belong to the zodiac sign of Pisces (which tend to be more artistic and creative than other members of the Sun sign) and Aries (whose symbol is the ram , full of spirited energy). In this article, you will learn some of the astrological-related myths, folklore, and history connected to birthdays celebrated during the early part of March.

March 1st Birthdays

The first day of March (referred to as the Kalends during ancient Roman times) marked the beginning of the year and served as the day that the Vestal Virgins would rekindle the sacred fire in the Temple of Vesta. The Festival of Matronalia would also take place on this day, which was sacred to the goddess Juno. During this time, prayers were offered to Juno Lucina in hopes of receiving a long marriage. Husbands would also bestow gifts upon their wives. Individuals born on March 1st are typically ambitious and hard working. They tend to seek out challenges.

March 2nd Birthdays

On March 2nd, this day was sacred to the Celtic deity of holy wells and healing springs, whose name was Ceadda. A symbol of her day was the tree of life, called the Crann Berhadth. In some parts of Europe, women would see the day as a time to celebrate Mother March, who was seen as the mother goddess that watched over the events of the third month. Festivals were held in her honor, which took the time to pay homage to all women who have given birth to a child. Typical characteristics of an individual born on March 2nd, includes warmth, compassion, understanding, and an easygoing personality.

March 4th Birthdays

This day was set aside to celebrate the Welsh mother goddess named Rhiannon, who was also known as the ‘great queen.’ A feast was held in her honor. In Ireland, this goddess was known as Rigantona and was often paired with the horse goddess Epona. During ancient Greek days, the start of Anthesteria was observed. Lasting for three days, a ritual took place in honor of the souls of the dead , the Keres. The goddess Hecate was also worshipped on this day, as she was in charge of the happenings that concerned the dark forces of the underworld. Individuals born on March 4th are full of intuition and are often viewed as a ‘practical visionary.’

March 7th Birthdays

If you were born on March 7th during the ancient days of Rome, you would have had the chance to share your birthday with a procession that included 27 girls dressed in long flowing robes. This was the day of Junonalia, which celebrated the existence of Roman goddess Juno. During the procession, a cypress tree wood carving of the goddess was used as part of the procession. On this same day, locals in Thailand enjoyed the Phara Buddha Bat Fair, which paid homage to the footprint of the Buddha. About town, local shrines received offerings of food, flowers, thread, and yarn. Individuals born on this date usually possess a quick mind and a talent for art boosted by an extensive imagination.