March Birthdays : Astrological Myths 2

In this article, we will explore the astrological and mythological connections of individuals born on March 10th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. You will also learn which dates celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and pays homage to the love of Greek gods, Zeus and Hera.

March 10th Birthdays

Hera and Zeus were known in Greek mythology as having a relationship riddled with a great number of ups and downs. They experienced many make-ups to break-ups. In honor of their ever-lasting relationship, the ancient Greeks celebrated their love on March 10th with special attention being paid to romance, love, and forgiveness. The celebration took place beside an old oak tree. When small pieces of fallen wood were collected and viewed as a symbol of the reunion between to two loves. A ritual commemorating this day saw the wood being burned as a way of keeping their love warm. Pisceans born on this day typically exhibit a kind of attitude that builds a leader full of courage and drama.

March 13th Birthdays

Pisceans born on March 13th often possess a down to earth personality and usually greet their friends and family with a bright smile on his or her face. If you lived in Luxembourg, you would have the opportunity to enjoy a pagan fire festival called Burgsonndeg, which includes the lighting of bonfires for welcoming the spring season, as well as paying homage to the rebirth of the Sun. This day was also used to mark the Balinese Festival of Purification, which took into account the moment that the lord of the underworld would clean up his lair. This was a time where locals believed demons would roam free about the land. People believed that they had to purify their island and keep their homes safe.

March 14th Birthdays

On this day, the ancient Egyptians would worship the Lady of the Night , better known as Ua-Zit. She was revered as the serpent goddess associated with their religion of the time. Another celebration that takes place on March 14th was the start of the Ghanian New Year, which occurs every year and lasts for 13 days. Traditionally, a collection of ritual dances were performed during the first 11 days of the festival as a way to get rid of evil spirits, as well as pay homage to the souls of the dead. Pisceans born on March 14th usually possess a mind that is open to all possibilities; and they tend to question all aspects of a problem before they pass judgment or come to a solution.

March 15th Birthdays

Usually, people are taught to beware of the Ides of March, but if you were born on March 15th , it’s a different story because it’s your birthday. The day was celebrated as the holy day of Rhea, who was a Greek goddess of the Earth. On this day, a festival devoted to river nymphs also took place. During ancient Roman days, people would gather to celebrate the yearly fesival of the great mother goddess Cybele and her consort Attis. At the start of the celebration, a procession of reed bearers marked the occasion. This practice served as recognition to the discovery of the infant god Attis, who was found amongst reeds.