Mars, the fourth planet is the next man landing mission objective. It is the third smallest planet of the solar system after Mercury and Pluto. Mars has always fascinated people principally because of its red color. Mars has also two moons which are small and oddly shaped. They might be asteroids caught by the gravitational force of Mars. Mars has only a quarter the surface area of the Earth and only one-tenth the mass. Mars doesn’t have water ocean but has ice on the poles. Some believes that Mars had water ocean during the past. Mars’ atmosphere is very thin and contains principally carbon dioxide. Some small amounts of methane have been detected as well, which can indicated the presence of life.

Mars is the god of war for the Romans equivalent to the Greeks god “Ares”. Its symbol ”°, a circle with an arrow pointing northeast is the representation of the shield and spear of the god Mars. In biology, it Marsrepresents the male sex. It can be opposed to Venus meanings which symbolizes Love and the female sex. In mythology, Mars and Venus fought. All over the world, the planet Mars and its equivalent god are similarly described. Mars influences short tempered, police man, soldiers, generals, and commanders. It rules the physical energy, leadership abilities and independent spirits. Sun is the king, Mars is the commander. Mars can be dangerous.

One question remains about Mars: Does it contains life? During some times in the past, some people believed in the existence of green martians on this planet. Then after some new discoveries it becomes funny to think about this. Now, some scientists claim that Mars contains some microscopic life. Furthermore, some says that life existed before. It is true that some pictures show that water was present on Mars’ soil. Some even go as far as to say that it was some advanced civilizations who lived on Mars and maybe was forced to leave due to an astronomical event. One famous picture “Face on Mars” has intrigued a lot of people because it shows a human-like face on the Mars surface. It can be the building of some advanced civilization. The possible astronomical event who make them leave could be what Velikovsky described in his book: “World in Collision”. We need to wait a man landing mission on Mars to clarify these mysteries