May Birthdays: Astrological Myths

In the beginning of May, the bull rules the zodiac chart. Those born under the sign of Taurus will enjoy birthday celebrations associated with such astrological and mythical connections, as the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltrane and the god of Sun (Apollo). In this article, you will encounter information that touches upon the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltrane and the Bona Dea festival.

May 1st Birthdays

On this day, the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltrane is celebrated, which honors the rebirth of the Sun, the death of winter, and the union of the goddess and the horned god. During ancient Roman days, Maia was the deity that took center stage. It is after her that the month of May is named. She is known for using her divine powers to promote the growth of crops. Individuals born on this day are often associated with being both persistence and patience.

May 3rd Birthdays

Usually, a person born on May 3rd possesses an interest in gardening and cooking. They could be suited to taking care of animals, growing plants, or looking after people. When it comes to ancient connections, think of ancient Roman days, where people gathered to celebrate the Bona Dea festival, an annual event held on May 3rd. Bona Dea was referred to as the goddess of the Earth, who was associated with the mysteries of a woman. For this reason, men were never allowed to participate in her secret ceremonies. The rites often took place in the house of the praetor of the city (oftentimes a commander of the army) , roles taken on by his wife and the Vestal Virgins.

May 5th Birthdays

Paying homage to the Battle of Puebla, where the Mexicans bested French troops in 1862, Cinco de Mayo is observed on the 5th of May. This win would ultimately result in the expulsion of Napoleon III’s army from the country. On this day, ancient rain ceremonies are performed each year throughout parts of Central America and Mexico , rituals led by shamanic priests and priestesses. If you are born on this day, don’t forget to harness your fierce independence to take advantage of what today and tomorrow may bring.

May 7th Birthdays

Either on or around this day, ancient Greeks and Ionians took part in a festival called Thargelia, which paid homage to the god of Sun (Apollo), who held an important significance in the world of music, medicine, poetry, and prophecy. This ancient celebration was held on the sacred island of Delos, which is known as the traditional birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister , the Moon goddess Artemis. When born on the 7th of May, look for a mate to create an intimate relationship with to allow your sentimental and caring side can truly shine.

Additional astrological, ancient, and mythical May birthday connections include:

May 6th: Buddhist followers observe the holiday Vesak.

May 8th: One of the highlights of the oldest springtime festivals in the world is the annual Furry Dance, which honors the Celtic horned god who takes on the form of a ‘Robin Hood.’

May 9th: Ancient Romans began their 3-day celebration called Lemuria on this day, which was meant to satisfy the spirits of the dead.