Medical Astrology – Health and the Sun-Signs

When it comes to each sun-sign, each one is connected to a specific part of the body, which sheds light on better understanding certain diseases and illnesses, as well as the levels of stress one may suffer. Some believe that using remedies, such as various healing foods and herbs, can treat illnesses associated with the characteristics of their sun-signs. In this article, you will encounter the various body parts that are linked to the many different sun-signs.

Some people read into their sun-signs as an approach towards learning how to pinpoint what cause physical stress and tension throughout their body, as well as exploring different kinds of behaviors that may ease their medical woes. Sun-signs have helped some gain insight on how to protect and enhance their health. The following body parts and sun-signs are matched under medical astrology:

Aries: Head
Gemini: Nerves, arms, shoulders, and lungs
Mercury: Brain
Saturn: Skin, teeth, and bones
Venus: Throat
Taurus: Throat and neck
Sun and Leo: heart, back, and spine
Moon and Cancer: Breasts
Sagittarius: Liver, hips, and thighs
Capricorn: Knees, bones, and teeth
Cancer: Stomach and colon
Scorpio and Pluto: Sex organs
Neptune and Mercury: The nervous system
Virgo: The nervous system and the intestines
Mars: Muscles and genitals
Uranus: The circulatory system
Pisces: Feet
Aquarius: Veins, shins, and the circulatory system
Libra and Venus: Kidneys

In order to gain a better understanding of the sun-sign associations as they pertain to health, a more in-depth explanation is given below and in the following articles of this series. The information will take a look at humours, physiology, common illnesses, stress triggers, foods and herbs known to heal, as well as tips for one to follow if they wish to achieve optimum health.


Those born under the sign of Aries are associated with the choleric humour, usually displaying a hot and dry temperament. Physiologically, the sign is connected to the head, face, adrenal glands, and suprarenal glands. Due to their sun-sign, individuals are susceptible to suffering intense headaches and migraines. Inflammation is a common ailment that they face. Staying out of the sun may prove beneficial, as they may become vulnerable to sunstroke. Other medical concerns linked to an Aries include fevers, skin irritations, ringworm, smallpox, epilepsy, toothaches, baldness, strokes, and head injuries.

While an Aries may seem able to deal with stressful situations, too much tension can cause one to encounter a rash of headaches, fevers, and disorders that affect the digestive system. When looking for foods and herbs to heal this zodiac sign, rhubarb, tomatoes, nettles, and briony have brought relief in the past. It is usually suggested for an Aries to follow a balanced diet (full of nutrients), as well as gain enough sleep on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. Those who exhibit a temper should also learn how to calm this irritation, as this clearly drains energy.