Neptune, the eighth planet from the Sun is the last giant gas. Neptune is the third most massive planet after Jupiter and Saturn but it is smaller than Uranus in size. It happens that Neptune becomes temporary the ninth planet because of the eccentric orbit of Pluto. Neptune has also as Jupiter and Uranus have, dark rings, difficulty visible. Neptune, like Uranus is blue due to the methane present in its atmosphere. Furthermore, its clouds seem to have a blue color too, which mean that they are composed of methane too. Only Voyager 2 from the NASA has look at Neptune, so we don’t know that much about this planet. Neptune is very far from the Sun and doesn’t receive much heat. This make its uppermost atmosphere cold as -220°C. Neptune generate its own heat and its surface should be quite warm. Neptune has the most powerful winds on the Solar System, they can attain a speed of 2000 km/h. Neptune has 13 moons, Triton is its largest one and is the coldest object in the Solar System.Neptune

Neptune is the god of the seas in the Greek mythology, this name has been chosen due to the color of the planet. It is also the planet of the fluids: water and oil. It symbolizes what is cloudy and difficult to know(mysticism, esotericism, religion…) Neptune has been discovered in 1846, it corresponds to the discovery of hypnotism, the anesthetics and altered mind states. Indeed Neptune symbolizes the unknown and the mysticism. It also rules all what is illusion. Movies and animation have been invented during this same period too. Neptune is greatly related to deception, religions, spirituality, the mass media, music, drugs, extreme sensitivity and psychic phenomena. It rules all the appearance, it hides what is behind. It rules derangement, guilt, persecution as well. In astrology, it rules the Pisces and can symbolizes martyr and sacrifice too. On the body, Neptune rules the pineal gland, the thalamus, the spinal canal and all the nervous system.

Neptune is unknown and is not a future objective to discover more about yet. Neptune is a giant gas and has also the particularity as Uranus has, to have a magnetic field not aligned in the same way as its rotation axis. It is not yet understand, Scientists believed there was a relation between magnetic field and rotation axis, but Neptune and Uranus make hard to believe that only the rotation axis is the cause. In fact, some say that a intern rotation makes the magnetic field as it is.