November Birthdays , Astrological Myths 1

Whether you lived in ancient Babylonia times or took part in Day of the Dead celebrations, the beginning of November serves as the time of the year when ancient Celtic goddesses to Roman Catholic saints are celebrated and honored. In this article, you will learn about the likes of All Soul’s Day and Mischief Night.

November 1st Birthdays

In certain places in Britain, residents celebrate Cailleach’s Reign, a festival that honors the ancient Celtic crone goddess, who still enjoys an annual celebration in her name (and on this date). Portraying the hag aspect of the Triple Goddess, Cailleach is believed to return every first of November to bring the winter season and the snow that follows. She is often depicted carrying around a magical staff that she uses to freeze the ground by tapping on it. A Scorpio birthday boy or girl born on this day is generally full of energy, proud, and enjoys a good mystery.

November 2nd Birthdays

In old England, All Soul’s Day used to take place on the second day in November. It was at this time that the dead received small offerings called ‘soul cakes,’ which were set out for the dearly departed. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated, where family members take the time to remember the souls of ancestors and relatives. Instead of entering a mourning period, a celebration is observed, including dancing, music, and telling stories of the departed. Cemeteries swell with people visiting the spirits of their dead relatives, bringing food and drink to share.

When it comes to communicating with a Scorpio born on this day, pay special attention to their nonverbal cues, as a slight look or change in mood can indicate an important message.

November 4th Birthdays

During the medieval days of England, a festival was held every year on this date in association with the spirit of the Lord of Death. This day happened to precede Guy Fawkes Night , a popular British holiday. Hints of this observance still arise with Mischief Night, where some parts of England celebrate by pulling pranks on friends and lighting bonfires. Characteristics often associated with someone born on this day include confidence, charisma, and dedication to a career.

November 6th Birthdays

If you lived during ancient Babylonia times, you’d spend November 6th celebrating the birth of the goddess Tiamont, who is known to have created heaven and Earth with the help of her consort Apsu. She is also considered to the one responsible for giving birth to all of the gods and goddesses belonging to the ancient world. In Roman Catholic circles, the feast day of Saint Leonard (the patron of women in childbirth) is celebrated. When no one was there to held the queen during a difficult delivery, he was there to assist. A common fault of people born on this day is that they have a lot of offer a partner in a relationship, but usually expect too much in return.