October Birthdays , Astrological Myths 1

The zodiac sign Libra enters the picture during the first weeks of October, where individuals representing the scales take control of the month. Depending on your birth date, you could find yourself sharing in the celebration with an infamous Greek or Roman god. In this article, you will learn of some of the folklore, mythical, and ancient connections surrounding birthdays taking place in early October.

October 1st Birthdays

It is on or around this day of the year that thousands upon thousands of Muslims experience a pilgrimage to Mecca just to touch the Black Stone and drink from the sacred Well of Ishmael. During old Roman days, a festival was held for the goddess Fides, who was the personification of good faith. Her ancient cult is so old that it dates back to the time of King Numa, who was the second ruler of Rome. When a man or woman born on this day enters a relationship, expect their partner to become the center of their life, as they are typically full of affection, romance, and an outgoing attitude.

October 2nd Birthdays

For those of you who have always had a curiosity about the Ouija board, consider the second day of October as the perfect time of the year to explore. This is the time that many people give thanks to guiding spirits they believe protect them throughout the year. Communicating with spirits often takes place on this date as it is thought to provide the best conditions for results. People attempt to make a connection with spirit guides by meditating, prayer, entering a trance state, dreaming, or using the Ouija board. People born on this day are usually regarded for their sweet nature and known as some of the nicest individuals of the zodiac.

October 5th Birthdays

On this day, departed ancestors are remembered in conjunction with the second day of the Roman Festival of Mania. When following Celtic traditions, people believed that the gate to the Otherworld opened so that the spirits of the dead were allowed to return for the day. If you were born on this date, expect a struggle between finding the perfect mate while still keeping your independence.

October 6th Birthdays

Food seems like a shared theme for celebrations held on this date. The start of the annual religious festival that lasts for nine days in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu takes place in Nepal. It is a tradition to make secret offerings, which are sealed inside an unripe pumpkin. On this same day, the northern part of England sees residents baking cakes to pay homage to Saint Faith of Foi in hopes of summoning the identities of future husbands for young women. A Libra born on this day is often full of love, beauty, harmony, and justice.

Other connections to October birthdays earlier on in the month include:

October 3rd: The Day of German Unity is held on this date , a national holiday that celebrates to anniversary of the reunification of the East and West zones, which took place in 1990. Additionally, ancient Greeks honored the god of wine, Dionysus on this day.

October 4th: The feast day of Christian saint Francis of Assisi takes place on this date.