October Birthdays , Astrological Myths 2

From ancient Roman celebrations and festivals that last for two weeks, October brings a collection of ancient observances and interesting ceremonies. In this article, you will learn some of the connections associated with a Libra born in the middle of the month.

October 10th Birthdays

If you are celebrating your birthday in Brazil, you will have the chance to experience the first day of the annual celebration of the Festival of Lights, which lasts for two weeks. Kicking off the festivities is a parade of penance followed by the lighting of torches, candles, oil lamps, and hearth fires. This is a symbolic gesture to keep away evil spirits who may linger in the darkness. In the end, participants hope to increase their good luck and prevent misfortune. When looking for love, keep in mind that this zodiac sign often bumps heads with people belonging to Aries , displaying assertive and aggressive tendencies.

October 13th Birthdays

If you lived during ancient Roman days, you may have enjoyed the celebration of Fontinala, who honored Fons, the fresh water deity and god of wells and springs. Participants would toss flower garlands into the springs and situated on the top of wells in an effort to please the god. They hoped they would still receive his blessing and enjoy an ample water supply for the next year. If you were born on this day, the zodiac has placed upon you the attribute of being able to overcome many of the obstacles that life has in store for you. Your survival instincts will surely come in handy throughout your life.  

October 16th Birthdays

On this day of the year, the Japanese-Shinto ceremony of Kan-name Sai (or the Good tasting Event) is observed. In the country, rice serves as a significant symbol of abundance and divine provisions, representing immortality. The people offer the rice from the first harvest to the Imperial Ancestors and the Imperial ancestral deity, who is an ancient Sun goddess , Amaterasu. Art, politics, romance, love, and religion are some of the most popular subjects that pique the interest of Libra birthday boys and girls.

October 18th Birthdays

Celebrated since medieval times, the Great Horn Faire is still a popular get-together in some parts of Britain. A parade often takes place with men wearing antlers as a way to honor the power of the lord of the forests. The horned god is known by many different names with ancient Druids and the Celts asserting their own monikers. If you were born on this day, don’t worry if you find yourself misunderstood by family and friends, you possess some of the same traits as a chameleon.

Other October birthday associations include:

October 11th , New wine is tasted and tested at the Roman Bacchanalian Festival of Vinalia , observed during the harvest thanksgiving. The Greek Festival of Thesmorphoria takes place on this day as well, paying homage to the goddess Demeter.

October 12th , During ancient Roman days, Fortuna Redux, the goddess of successful journeys and safe returns, is celebrated on this date. The ancient celebration of Meditrinali, who represented in some way the new vintage of wine, also took place on this day.