October Birthdays , Astrological Myths 3

October is the month where trick or treaters hit the streets in costumes of Frankenstein, Dracula, and the latest teen sensations. This is also the month where the last days present the birthdays of individuals representing the zodiac sign Scorpio. In this article, you will encounter myths, folklore, and ancient celebrations connected to this month and astrological sign.

October 21st Birthdays

The feast day of the Roman Catholic Saint Ursula and her ‘11,000 virgins’ is held on this date. In an attempt to avoid an arranged marriage, Ursula ran away from her home with her maidens in tow. However, when she reached Cologne, she was taken prisoner by the Huns. Unfortunately, all of the women were slaughtered in 451 CE when the Christian Ursula refused to take a pagan chieftain as her husband. Possessing the gifts of charm, intelligence, and versatility, a Libra born on this day often exhibits the makings of an excellent communicator.

October 25th Birthdays

Remember in Nicolas Cage’s movie ‘Face Off,’ where he played one-half of the brother duo, Castor and Pollux? These character names come from the twin sons of Zeus, who are celebrated on this day at the festival of the Dioscuri. The twins were known to protect sailors. Other twins honored on this day are French Catholic brothers, Saints Crispin and Crisinianus , known as patrons of shoemakers. A legend associated with the brothers state that if you purchase a new pair of shoes on this day, you will enjoy good fortune and prosperity. If you have fallen in love with a Scorpio born on this day, expect a partner who is loyal and willing to enter a long-lasting relationship”¦as long as you can play by their rules.

October 27th Birthdays

In Cornwall England, Allen Apple Day saw unmarried men and women picking Allen apples and placing it under their pillow. At dawn, it was believed that a single male or female would be waiting under a tree. The first eligible individual to pass by was supposedly destined to become their future love for life. If you were born on this day, you may want to seek a career in the acting, filmmaking, painting, sculpting, or photography business, as these are the sorts of fields that speak to your talents.

October 28th Birthdays

You probably would have never guessed that there was a festival devoted to saffron, but in Consuegra, Spain, the annual Saffron Rose festival is held to pay homage to one of the most expensive herbs in the world. The herb is also special to lovers, as it is linked to love, the Sun, and Eos, the goddess of dawn. When added to sachets and potions, it is believed to bring good luck in love. If you add saffron to a tea, some people feel that they experience enhanced clairvoyant abilities. Some of the qualities attributed to a Scorpio born on this day include intense emotions, passion, dignified, and charming.