Outer Space Movie Trivia & Facts: Prometheus

Traveling to the darkest regions of the universe, a team of explorers is on the hunt for the origins of mankind on Earth. It is there that they engage in a battle to save the future of humankind. In this adventure, science fiction, thriller film, those who enjoy watching movies about outer space and the threats of the human race, follow this article, which will highlight trivia and facts regarding ‘Prometheus.’

The meaning behind the title of the movie is connected to Greek mythology. Prometheus was a Titan who was a servant of the gods. He stole fire and gave it as a gift to mankind, which changed the human race forever. Prometheus from the Greek myths was punished for helping the humans in this way by being chained to a rock in Hades ”“ which was the Greek underworld. Every day, an eagle (which was a symbol of Zeus) would come to the rock to feed on the liver of Prometheus. Afterwards, his liver would regenerate so that the torture could continue the next day. A later myth reveals that Hercules frees Prometheus.

The film revisits the themes of creation and the struggle between man and other stronger forces. In Greek mythology, the humans were up against the gods, while in the movie, humans must fight against creatures in outer space. In the tale of Prometheus in Greek myths, the tricking of the gods is a relevant point as it pertains to the movie.

In the film, you will encounter a range of well known actors and actresses. Michael Fassbender plays David, Charlize Theron plays Meredith Vickers, Idris Elba takes on the role of Janek, and Guy Pearce plays the character of Peter Weyland.

Trivia & Facts ”“ “Prometheus”

To get to know more about the inner-workings of the movie, below you will find a collection of trivia and facts regarding the film, ‘Prometheus’:

Taglines used to promote the film include: “The search for our beginning could lead to our end,” “They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end,” and “We came from them. They will come for us.”

Ridley Scott was the director of “Prometheus,” who is also responsible for the infamous ‘Alien’ movie starring Sigourney Weaver.

In the opening title of the film, the same piece-by-piece approach that appeared in the original Alien movie from 1979 is seen.

‘Prometheus’ was initially created to serve as a prequel to ‘Alien,’ but Ridley Scott made the decision to transform the movie to an original film. He made the choice to use the same setting (universe) as the one seen in ‘Alien,’ as well as make references to the movie, but ‘Prometheus’ would stand alone as its own film.

Ridley Scott wanted to keep the amount of computer-generated imagery as low as possible in the film and CGI was mainly reserved for the space scenes.

The location for the scene shot to represent the ‘beginning of time’ took place in Iceland. It took two weeks to finish.