Pisces: Careers and Parenting

When looking for a place of employment that better speaks to your Piscean characteristics, take a look at this article, which also presents a glance at what its like to parent as a double fish and approach a child who was born between February 19th and March 19th.

27) When it comes to parenting, the Piscean mother or father has a knack of seeing their children as mini-versions of themselves. This means that they often showcase a tendency to overlook the fact that their children will undergo varied experiences that do not mirror their own. Parenting is often approached is a sensitive and caring manner. This type of parent is prone to providing a grand world filled with creative stimulation and plenty of opportunity to play and have fun. However , a common pitfall is their knack for forgetting to push for individuality.

As disciplinarians, it is very hard for a Piscean to deliver and will often shift the boundaries their children must follow as a result. At best , the typical style of parenting shown by Pisceans can be accurately described as emotional. Children will most likely face an overwhelming journey.

28) The Pisces child can sit for hours lost in a daydream. With this sort of active imagination, they usually do their best when surrounded by an educational environment that encourages a blossoming imagination. It is not uncommon to find that Piscean children are quick to cry and cannot stand the sight of pain. When their little world is met with a threat on their harmonious balance of a life , they can display a great deal of visual discomfort.

29) If you want to keep this zodiac sign away from the things they dislike, make sure it doesn’t have any time constraints because this is something that will drive a Piscean mad. Detail and reality may also top the list of dislikes for this zodiac sign. They also do not like telling the truth if they think it will hurt the feelings of someone they care about.

30) When it comes to pursuing a career as a Pisces, it is important to piggyback on your love of the arts. This is a great strength and interest that can bring about plenty of suitable career paths, such as dancer, artist, actor, poet, photographer, comic illustrator, or even an author of fantasy. With a connection to addictive behaviors, Pisceans also make great drug and alcohol counselors, hypnotherapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and doctors.

The link to mysticism also allows a Pisces to pursue a profession as a priest, healer, tarot reader, astrologer, or optical illusionist. Since feet are traditionally linked to this zodiac sign, podiatry could become another calling. A love of water is also a great excuse to become a sea cruise captain, sailor, or fishermen.

31) Colors most associated with Pisceans include sky blue, electric blue, and turquoise.

32) Other associations with this zodiac sign include fruit trees, peppers, peacocks, platinum, lead, frankincense and myrrh, orchids, passion flowers, electricity, computers, and the number four.