Pluto is the ninth planet from the Sun, it happens that it temporary becomes the eight planet for some 20 years because of its eccentric orbit. Indeed Pluto distance from the Sun vary from 4440 million to 7395 million kilometers. Pluto has a brown color surface, it is principally due to the presence of frozen methane. It is true that Pluto is principally composed of ice and rocks. Pluto is not really known, no spacecraft have visited it yet. We only know Pluto by telescope placed on Earth. Pluto has a 3 moons and Charon, discovered in 1978 is its largest moon. Pluto and Charon can be considered as a double planet system like the Earth and the Moon. Pluto’s atmosphere is principally composed of nitrogen and molecular exchanges between Pluto and Charon have been detected as well. Some scientists believe that Pluto has a magnetosphere as well. It is true that Ganymede, an icy moon of Jupiter has a magnetosphere, why not Pluto?Pluto

Pluto has been discovered in 1930. It corresponds to the beginning of Fascism in Europe and organizational crimes in the USA. It symbolizes extreme power and corruption. Nowadays it can represents the terrorism and the spies for example. The thirties is also the discovery of the nuclear power. Pluto symbolize the changes, the death and the rebirth. In fact, in Roman mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld and the death. It also relate to the term: transformation. It represents what we both fear and desire – the cycle of life, death and rebirth, the secrets of the universe, the occult mysteries, the explosive interplays between men and women, the miracles of life. Money and success can be also linked to Pluto. Pluto is Power. In the physical body, Pluto rules the regenerative faculties of cells and the reproductive organs.

Pluto has not been really studied. Though, a mission have been executed, New Horizon is its name, it should reach Pluto in 2015. Pluto particularity is its moon Charon. The two, Charon and Pluto are facing each other. They are synchronously rotating. They really act as a inseparable couple. Pluto is not considered as a planet by some scientist due to its eccentricity and size. Furthermore, some say that it exists another planet, the tenth one which would explain some difference in the calculations of the Pluto orbit. In fact, it has already been discovered but it is not yet decided if it can be considered as a tenth planet.