SaturnSaturn is the sixth planet from the Sun. It is the second largest planet after Jupiter. Its rotation is very fast (Around 10 hours) and takes 29 Earth years to make one circle around the Sun. What we know about Saturn is due to the Voyager explorations in 1980-81. Saturn is less dense than the water, it is the only known planet with this characteristic. The atmosphere is principally composed of hydrogen with small amounts of helium and methane. Saturn atmosphere is really unstable, powerful wind blow the surface. Winds can reach velocities of 500 meters a second (1,100 miles an hour). What makes Saturn distinct from the other planets is its complex ring system. It makes Saturn one of the most beautiful object in the solar system. The ring system is composed of different parts, each one has its own velocity. The composition of the rings are principally water in its solid state(ice). Saturn has 7 major moons but has many more, though we can’t count them properly (all the object in the ring system can be considered as moon).

Saturn is the god of the agriculture in Roman mythology, it is the son of Uranus and Gaïa and the father of Jupiter. It is considered to have bad influence, it is a cold and dry planet. But if Saturn is placed in a good way, it gives fame, success, honor, justice, love, wisdom, leadership ability, authority and long life. It gives masculine energy as well. Saturn rules the teeth, the ears and the bones in the physical body.

Saturn is a planet of great importance in mythologies around the world. Some say that the solar system was completely different in the past and that Saturn was so near than Earth that for people it was more important than the Sun. Saturn was then in conjunction with Venus and Mars. This system appears to people as a orb containing 2 pearls: Mars and Venus. Saturn was the master and reflecting the light of the Sun was the Earth’s Sun setting and rising on the same location every day. Then a cataclysm happened which is described all over the world in holy books or in oral traditions. This cataclysm destroyed all the ancient civilizations which could be technologically advanced (explaining in the same time all the unexplainable fact like the vinamas in India for example). This theory are based on mythological texts.