September Birthdays , Astrological Myths 1

Virgo birthday boys and girls dominate the start of September with the characteristics of the virgin shining through. In this article, you will encounter folklore, ancient beliefs, and myths connected to birthdays in September, such as Grape Vine Festival associated with the ancient Greeks.

September 1st Birthdays

Being born on the first of September means that you share your special day with Roman Catholic Saint Giles, who was wounded in the leg by an arrow while he protected a stag that the king of Provence wanted to shoot. Giles is now known as the patron of the disabled, who many people pray to when they wish for a cure. During ancient Roman days, people honored Jupiter , a sky and weather deity who also played an important role in the results of harvests. Virgins born on this day tend to be full of ambition and shoot straight towards achieving their career goals. Watch out for your sharp tongue, which may get you into trouble at times.

September 2nd Birthdays

Look for a Virgo born on September 2nd to possess the following qualities: charm, sociability, courteousness, cooperative, and being a team player. On this date, the ancient Greeks gathered for the annual Grape Vine Festival, which paid homage to the god Dionysus and his consort Ariadne. In Celtic circles, harvest time and the release of prophetic powers were celebrated on this day, which signified the tree month of Muin, which was sacred to the Irish Sun deity. A Virgo born on this day is usually more relaxed than other members of their Sun sign.

September 5th Birthdays

Throughout India, the god of good luck and prosperity is honored on this day. The people gather to enjoy parades and festivals centered on Ganesh , the god with the head like an elephant. During ancient Roman days, the god Jupiter was honored with the Roman Games, which begin each year on this date and lasted until September 13th. If you are dating a Virgo born on this day, keep in mind that your mate born on this particular date tends to need more freedom in his or her relationship than their fellow virgins.

September 6th Birthdays

Each year, the Hindu Festival of Dunga is held around this time , inspired by the increasingly shortness of days. Since there are fewer hours in the day, it is believed that the goddess Kali is invoked to protect goodness form the evils that tend to thrive in the shadows. A birthday boy or girl celebrating their birthday on this day tends to seek the advice of friends and family, and should watch out for being easily influenced by others.

Other September birthday connections include:

September 3rd , The Maidens of the Four Directions are honored during a healing ceremony for women in the Hopi Indian culture. In Ghana, Africa, the people honor the ancient god of the sacred well, which was a time to receive blessings and celebrate the Path Clearing Festival.

September 8th , Ever since the 8th century CE, the feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been celebrated in the Catholic Church, starting in 695 when Pope Servius was told that there was once a monk who heard a heavenly choir every year on this day.