September Birthdays , Astrological Myths 2

From celebrations honoring ancient goddesses, such as Demeter and Hathor to a Chinese myth involving the Moon, this crop of astrological connections to folklore, legends, and myths of the past also includes events, such as the Ceremony of Lighting the Fire and the annual Pumpkin Festival in France.

September 13th Birthdays

During ancient Egyptian days, if you were born on September 13th, then you would have shared your special day with the Ceremony of Lighting the Fire, which saw participants light lamps and place them in front of images of worshipped gods. It’s not uncommon to find a Virgo born on this day is filled with compassion and a charitable nature. Serving society in a meaningful way might just be your calling.

September 15th Birthdays

On this day, a Chinese legend is said to have taken place. The Chinese emperor Ming Wong was in his garden when he decided to ask a priest what the Moon was made of. Instead of receiving an answer, the priest supposedly transported the emperor to the Moon. Upon his return, the emperor spent days giving gold coins to his people. His reason? He told the people that it was in celebration of the Moon’s birthday and that he had witnessed a miracle. Some of the qualities that an individual born on this day typically possesses include the ability to understand technical details, as well as creativity and artistic talent.

September 17th Birthdays

Today is the first day of the Egyptian month of Hathor, who served as the sky goddess and patron of lovers. During ancient Greek times, this was the date of the annual celebration centered on the goddess Demeter. A festival of secret women’s rites took place on this date. While often seen as serious and self-contained, a Virgo born on this day also showcases characteristics, such as friendliness, compassion, and a kind heart.

Additional September birthday connections include:

September 10th , Beginning at dawn, the Ceremony of the Deermen would take place in Staffordshire, England with dancers placing antler horns on their heads and carrying around poles with antlers to pay homage to Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

September 11th , A festival known as the Day of the Queens took place on this day in Egypt, which honored Queens Hathsepsut, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti , goddesses of the ancient world.

September 12th , The annual Pumpkin Festival in France is held every year, where people flock to produce markets in search of the largest specimen, which by the end of the festivities is cut open and made into bread and soup that is shared amongst those attending the festival.