Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987”“1994)

Captain Jean Luc PicardPremiering September 28th, 1987, the pilot for the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series was released to the public. Unlike the original Starship Enterprise setting, this series was situated about a century after William Shatner’s Star Trek debut. After its debut, a substantial following emerged, causing management to aim for syndication.


The Star Trek: The Next Generation television series accomplished great feats, attracting enough viewers to make it the highest rated out of all the Star Trek television series. A couple of years after the original season, Next Generation held the #1 syndicated show title. It was also the only syndicated television series to receive the honor of an Emmy nomination, which came in the Best Dramatic Series category. This Emmy nod was received during the final season of the series (1994). The series was so popular that non-Star Trek fans enjoyed taking a peek at the show every once and while and before long, they were hooked.


Let’s Meet the Cast


The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation highlighted a new leader by the name of Jean Luc Picard, who was played by Patrick Stewart. Playing the role of First Officer William Thomas Riker was Jonathan Frakes, whose character was known for his womanizing ways (much like that of William Shatner’s Captain Kirk).


The doctor of the ship was named Beverly Crusher and she was played by Gates McFadden. Her character had a teenaged son named Wesley Crusher, who was played by Wil Wheaton (of the movie “Stand By Me” fame). The character of Wesley Crusher evolved throughout the series. In the second season, he took on the position of acting ensign. The third season saw him as a full ensign, where following seasons showed him advancing within his position.


During the first season, there was the role of Security Chief, which was first held by a character by the name of Tasha Yar, who was played by Denise Crosby. The character lost their life in the first season and was replaced by Lieutenant Worf, who was played by Michael Dorn. Worf appeared during the first season, but he did not hold the security chief position.


The second season of the show brought on board the position of Chief Engineer. The character of Geordi La Forge was played by LeVar Burton (of “Roots” and “Reading Rainbow” fame). La Forge was a blind man, who was given the ability to see when using a device referred to as the “VISOR.”


The position of Science Officer also existed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. Brent Spiner played the role of Lt. Commander Data, which was an android. There was also a counselor for the ship, Deanna Troi, who was played by Marina Sirtis.


Sample Episodes


Season 1, Episode 22: Symbiosis (April 16, 1988): The Enterprise learn a great deal when they encounter two neighboring cultures: one suffering from a plague; the other working on a cure.


Season 2, Episode 9: The Measure of a Man (February 11, 1989): A formal hearing is held to determine whether or not Data the android was to be considered property without rights or a being worthy of consideration to make decisions.
Season 4, Episode 4: Suddenly Human (October 13, 1990): While attempting to rescue a shipwrecked alien vessel, they find out that one of the trainees on the mission is human.


Season 4, Episode 6: Legacy (October 27, 1990): While orbiting around the home planet of former crewmember, Tasha Yar, the Enterprise encounters her sister.