Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Facts

The Star Trek: The Next Generation television series is known as one of the most highly regarded of all Star Trek spin-offs. In this article, we will take a look at some of the lesser-known facts regarding this popular TV show, including show statistics and cast member details.


Excellent Track Record


Did you know that Patrick Stewart (who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard) and Jonathan Frakes (who played Commander William T. Riker) are the only members of the cast that appear in every single episode of the series?


Can’t Get Enough”¦.


Did you know that Jonathan Frakes is the only cast member to make an appearance in all of the Star Trek spin offs after the original series? He appeared in the following episodes: Star Trek: Voyager (Death Wish), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Defiant as Thomas Riker) and Star Trek: Enterprise (These Are the Voyages…) Seems like this actor couldn’t get enough of the show!


Bitten By the Directing Bug


Did you know that many of the cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation went onto directing episodes for not only Next Generation, but also for other spin-offs regarding the series? Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton (who played Geordie La Forge), Gates McFadden (who played Dr. Beverly Crusher), and Patrick Stewart all directed episodes for Next Generation. Michael Dorn tried his hand at directing for the television series, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. Le Var Burton also directed episodes for Deep Space Nine, Voyager, as well as Enterprise. Jonathan Frakes went onto to direct episodes for the two television series, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, as well as two of the Star Trek major motion pictures: First Contact and Insurrection.


All Five Series


Did you know that the only actor to earn credit as playing a “role” in all five of the television series was Majel Barrett, who appeared in the original series, as well as Next Generation and Deep Space Nine? She also lent her voice in Voyager, Enterprise, as well as a variety of the Star Trek motion pictures. Her voice-over work was used to bring the Federation computers to life.


Prop Trivia


Did you know that the device Geordi La Forge uses to see throughout the TV show, the VISOR is an acronym for “Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement,” but you will never hear this mentioned on air? Did you know that a simple hair comb inspired the design for the VISOR?


Emmy Buzz


Did you know that Star Trek: The Next Generation was the only syndicated television show ever nominated for an Emmy Award? The category was for Best Dramatic Series. Did you know that this honor did not come until 1994 when the show was in it’s seventh season, which is also the last season for this particular spin-off?


Something For the Kiddies?


Did you know that the show was so popular that Paramount seriously considered creating an animated version of the show?


Wardrobe Malfunction


Did you know that if you carefully pay attention, after the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, almost every episode of the series showed various crew members pulling down their shirts due to costume malfunctions?


Loss of Parents


Did you know by the time the series ended, every main character of Next Generation possessed at least one dead parent. Picard, Worf, Yar and Beverly Crusher lost both of their parents, while Wil Crusher and Denna Troi lost their father. Riker lost only his mother. In the fourth season, Data’s father passes away. In the seventh season, LaForge loses his mother.