Star Trek Voyager Trivia 3

For further information regarding Star Trek: Voyager facts, this article will present details on some of the ins and outs of the television series. This includes trivia on some of the actors and actresses that brought the TV show to life, such as Tim Russ and John de Lancie.


Tim Russ is a Busy Man


Voyager was not the first time Tim Russ made an appearance in a Star Trek production. He played the role of a human crewmember on the Enterprise-B, which was part of Star Trek: Generations. He can also be seen as a terrorist gang member who is shown stealing explosives from the Enterprise-D, which was part of the Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the episode, “Starship Mine” his character was eliminated to say the least.


Father and Son Team


In the episode titled “Q Two”, the characters of Q and his offspring, Q2 were actually played by real-life father and son duo, John de Lancie and Keegan De Lancie.


“I Don’t Want the Stinking Role”¦OK, I’ll Do It”


Did you know that it took executives five times to get Jeri Ryan to accept the role of Seven of Nine? She only committed to the position after the executive producer, Jeri Taylor repeatedly vied for her talent and presence on the show.


Real Life Character Influences


If you’ve ever wondered where some of the names of Voyager characters come from, the tale behind Ensign Samantha Wildman comes from the name of a real person. Samantha Wildman was a young girl, who passed away due to an unfortunate accident. Her organs were used to save the life of the wife of one of the Voyager writers. Background information revealed about the real Wildman showed that she had a profound love for animals. This is why the Ensign Wildman is shown as the supervisor of the xenobiology labs on Voyager.


Better Luck Next Time


Towards the end of Voyager, Dominic Keating tried out for a part on the show, but he was not accepted because he was wanted to appear in yet another Star Trek production, which would become “Enterprise.”


Full Names


Did you know that the character of Seven of Nine was actually a shortened version for a really long name: Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct Unimatrix Zero 1. Now, that’s a mouthful! But, the real name of Seven of Nine was actually Annika Hansen, which was found out in an earlier episode.


Funny Prop Info


When the final episode of Voyager (titled “Endgame”) rolled around, we see Janeway give Tuvok a photo depicting the Voyager crew. This is actually the same picture that was used by Paramount Pictures to market the fifth season.


Anthony Montgomery News


Before Anthony Montgomery took on the role of Travis Mayweather on “Enterprise,” he tried out for two other roles on Voyager, including the part of Sek, who was the son of Tuvok.


Could Have Been Chakotay”¦


Did you know that popular Canadian actor, Tom Jackson was offered the chance to play Chakotay, but declined to accept the offer? Besides being a great humanitarian, did you know that he was also a successful folk singer?


Family Ties


Chelsea Field, who tried out for the part of Captain Janeway was married to the man (Scott Bakula), who eventually took on the persona of Captain Jonathan Archer on “Enterprise” in 2001.