Tarot Cards: Pentacles and Cups

When arranging the minor arcana, there are four suits beginning with the ace card, followed by cards that are numbered from two to ten. The minor arcana also consists of the court cards: page, knight, king and queen. In this article, the cups and pentacles will be discussed, which reveal details involving the imagination, family, money, food, as well as business.


The Cup cards represent the Water sign, which is also associated with the zodiac signs of the Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Pentacle cards represent the Earth sign with associations with the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.




When it comes to the pentacles, there are a variety of associations represented by these tarot cards, including materialistic gain, earthy entities, as well as the dealing of any profession.


Page (Pentacles)

If you are one to slowly mull over the choices you may be faced with, this card is for you. The decisions that you come to after all of the thinking should demand attention. This card represents sound judgment, as well as dedication. Being careful and organized is one of the traits that this card possesses.


Knight (Pentacles)

This card represents an intense respect for authority and social status. People, such as maids and spies (who display different levels of loyalty) are associated with this card, which deals with the depth of ones duty.


Queen (Pentacles)

Making money and possessing it is one of this card’s fortes. Sometimes the mistake of equating happiness with money is made in this case, but it sure helps in times of need. Trust, strength, food, love and a helping hard is represented by the appearance of this card.


King (Pentacles)

A down-to-earth spirit is represented through this card. Possessing a sense of security is important to the people associated with this card, who dreams of a home filled with a lifelong companion and children. Money making should be no problem, where extra two and dews are placed into a comfortable nest egg.



These cards represent the movement of emotions, where family, creativity and imagination are especially important.


Page (Cups)

These cards represent an endless imagination responsible for creating a wealth of creative stories and fantasylands. Sometimes the problem comes when the imagination runs too wild. People who cannot be trusted with responsibility may come into your life in the near future. Do not rely on them to get things done.


Knight (Cups)

Distraction may come in the future when receiving this card. It’s time to get off of your butt and get things done instead of thinking about getting them done. Action should be taken. Stay clear of an abuse of substances, such as alcohol and drugs.


Queen (Cups)

This card represents a person who likes to grow things and care for others. Poetry and reading are strong factors connected to this card, as well as writing and creativity. If pressure mounts, a person associated with this card is apt to stay their ground.


King (Cups)
This card deals with those who are passionate in their authoritative duties. Inspiration, imagination, art, religion, as well as making money are some of the characteristics attached to this card. This card shows up when someone is not being very fair in a situation and one who is not trying to come to a compromise. This card represents someone with a fanatic nature.