Tarot Cards: The Major Arcana 1

When dealing with the major arcane of Tarot cards, you will encounter 21 characters and symbols, such as the Fool, the Magician and the High Priestess that aid in the telling of futures. In this article, the explanation of some of these cards can be found.


First, we will deal with the Fool, who is associated with the element of air. This card represents new beginnings or a sudden decision. The surrounding cards can determine an outcome as well. If they point in the direction of positive vibes, then the change may be good. You may want to take a risk within your life. You may be entering a time in your life where you will learn more about the person you are today, as well as the person you may become in the future.


The Magician card is associated with the planet, Mercury and deals with the confidence that one holds for themselves. It refers to the admiration of your peers, involving your ego, as well as your intentions in life. This card also refers to your ability to charm or entertain those around you.  Sometimes this may even come in the form of a distraction.


The High Priestess card is associated with the Moon and deals with high intuition. Other aspects of this card involve the seeking of knowledge of oneself, as well as the discipline needed to guide your way through life. Matters of the spirit, as well as nature are addressed with this card, in terms of the occult and spirituality of an individual.


The Empress Card is attached to the planet, Venus, which deals with the fertility of this character, Solitude and independence is represented with this card, as is the attraction of a self-fulfilling lifestyle. The Emperor on the other hand is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. This card represents strength, but can sometimes be perceived as a know-it-all. When issues surrounding practicality arise, this character stands strong on beliefs he feels are correct above all others. This card represents an event that may involve legal players, such as a marriage. 


Associated with the Taurus, the Pope, also known as the Hierophant card represents the organization of a day, as well as focuses on present situations. A change may arise in the way of thinking, especially if you are surrounded by conservative views. All advice should be welcomed because you may see something that once was quite unclear to you. If you are curious about something that is beyond your usual routine, you may want to seek counsel.
The Lovers card is connected to the zodiac sign of Gemini, which deals with the love you share with another. It can even point fingers to an attraction to someone who may be your complete opposite. Hey, you never know. A decision is demanded on issues of the heart on whether or not you wish to pursue a relationship with this certain someone. Important lessons in love and life could be learned with an exploration of these feelings. Enter a relationship with kindness and understanding and see where it goes from there. This card could also suggest an affair in the midst, so choose your path wisely.