Tarot Cards: Wands and Swords

When it comes to the Minor Arcana, you will find that the suits you will encounter deal with symbols, such as Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. Each of these four suits is numbered, beginning with the Ace and leading up to the number ten, with the exclusion of the number one. Within the court of these suits, you will encounter a page, knight, king and queen. In this article, you will learn of the breakdown of these court cards, pertaining to the Wands and Swords.

Before getting into the breakdown of these suits and court cards, you will find various astrological signs and elements that are associated with the suits. For this article, you will be focusing on the Wands and Swords. The element associated with the Wands is fire with a connection to the astrological signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. The signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are connected with the Swords, as is the element of air.


When dealing with this suit, you may hear it referred to as Staves or batons, which is quite common. This suit represents creativity, as well as new beginning, new plans or turning over a new leaf. Below you will find what the court cards associated with this suit stand for:

Page (Wands)
When viewed in the upright position, the page card denotes youth and energy, as it does with all Page cards. This card deals with alertness, as well as intelligence. This Wand card also has the potential to point of competitiveness when surrounded by suits that are more negative. For instance, if this card is surrounded by a Cups court card, it could be a sign of the jealous nature of two feuding individuals.

Knight (Wands)
Signifies a person who is moving too fast. It is equivalent to a fierce fire that is strong at first, but then soon quickly dies when there is nothing to fuel the flames. If this doesn’t sound like you, it may signify a need for an individual to make a change in their life, such as switch careers or move into a different house. It is also a sign that events may occur without notice and may leave wreckage behind. The surrounding cards can shed light on the type of changes you may expect.

Queen (Wands)
Refers to warmth, love, sensuality, as well as physical attention. This card signifies an outpouring of ideas and free expression. Changes within love and career can be expected.

King (Wands)
This card signifies a staying power that influences the goings on of the bedroom, body and mind. An inner strength can be seen through this card and is the most sensuous of all the cards within the court. Quick decisions are in the midst.


When dealing with this suit, you may shy away from their message because they are often known to be the gloomiest of cards. When dominating a spread, you better make some changes within your life.

Page (Swords)
The individual with this card may be witty and on-point, often enjoying getting their own way. This person is able to detect vulnerable individuals or situations and knows how to take advantage of them. While a intriguing and intelligent individual, this person is also quite sneaky and untrustworthy.

Knight (Swords)
This card represents the foolhardy, which has issues with time. This sort of person is not to be crosses, which could lead to a vengeful character. This card represents a person who believes they are right all of the time.

Queen (Swords)
This card represents a loss and not just any type of loss. The loss that is felt is deep and close to the heart. An individual associated with this card may not have the best of luck with relationships. The loss may have dealt with a certain level of violence, as well. A cloud of sadness taints the beauty this individual possesses.

King (Swords)
This card represents authority, especially when it comes to business matters. The capacity for strong compassion, as well as harshness can be seen within the individual associated with this card. Surrounding cards will prove whether or not this individual can be trusted.