The Different Kinds of Astrology Part 1

When it comes to astrology, you probably aren’t even aware of all the different kinds attached to this deep subject. Today, there is a specific approach or division associated with astrology that people can depend on when they seek answers to particular questions in their life. Throughout the years, people have always recognized a connection between the heavens and the events that take place on earth. This article will shed light on some of the different kinds of astrology that people practice.

Natal Astrology

The kind of astrology that deals with birth is called natal astrology and deals with charts concerning birth to old age. People are known to use this type of practice to gain a better understanding of themselves. Some of the information that may become clearer through natal astrology includes personality types, pinpointed emotional needs, and an exploration of the inner thought process. There is a lot of potential seen through the drawing up of a birth chart. Others are able to reveal some of the strengths and weaknesses they never knew existed with their character. This allows them to take advantage of the things that come their way in life and seize opportunity. Natal astrology is also used to provide guidance to specific sections of life, including career choices and relationship dilemmas.

Counseling Astrology

When a crisis strikes, it is not uncommon for people to seek the guidance of an astrologer. It is their hopes that they can gain understanding and some sign that will help them deal with their problem. They may want to know if the new man in their life is worth the trouble or if they should move across the country for a new job. An astrologer is often asked questions that will deeply impact their present, as well as their future. Since counseling astrology is quite common, some astrologers will expand upon their astrological knowledge and pursue qualifications as a therapist with a counseling background. Usually, people enter counseling through astrology as a way to regain balance in their life, as well as reach their full potential of happiness and understanding.

Predictive Astrology

For many centuries, astrology has found a place in predicting the future. While the planets are not responsible for actually making certain thing happen, astrologers use the knowledge that indeed, planetary activity and some of the things that take place on Earth really do have some sort of link with one another. For instance, astrologers make note that accidents have a higher chance of occurring with the explosiveness of the planet Uranus crosses the path of the planet Mars, which is known for its fieriness and headstrong characteristics. With day-to-day observations of the planets, astrologers are able to calculate how the movement plays a role in organizing a natal chart or affecting your sun-sign. Often times, astrologers use this information to foresee events or suggest the potential of change. The details also help one identify the opportunities that may arise that will seriously affect their life. Barriers also become clearer.