The Moon

Physically, the moon is a quarter size of the Earth (around 3,476 kilometers), it is at a distance of between 356,000 and 406,000 kilometers from Earth. It is composed of rocks and has a melted kernel. It has no atmosphere. Spiritually, the Moon is fascinating because it is known to influence our mind and body. In agriculture it is important to know the moon phases. Indeed, they have a great influence on plants: if the moon is full, for example, the chemical elements rise to the upper parts of the plant: such as the leaves and flower. The moon has a significant symbolic meaning too, it is considered feminine and it is also the place of the dreamer. It plays a useful role as well: it illuminates the night. It is as important as the sun. In some civilization it is even more important (Islamic calendar). Some statistics have been done on the moon and it is well known that there is a higher rate of crime during the full moon than any other day! The full moon is also the day of the werewolf.

The moon has a greater influence on the tides than the sun. Its element is water and the moon rules the vegetable kingdom. The moon represents the mother or female principle, the energy that creates and preserves. The moon is linked with our emotions, and it can give illumination. The moon rules the peace of mind, it can have bad influence and then you feel sad or it can have good influence and you then feel happy. If you are born during an ascendant moon, it has good influence on you, it has bad influence if you are born during a descendant moon. The moon also rules youth, fortune, art, and jewelery.

One of the most interesting things is that the moon always shows the same face. It can’t be explained, it is much too precise. There must be a link between the Earth and the moon. Is this link natural or artificial? Some says that the moon is artificially maintained in order to hide the dark side of the moon. Then who is maintaining the moon? If we listen to the astronauts who participated in the Apollo missions, it is maintained by extraterrestrial beings who are supervising humans. It is always difficult to believe this kind of thing, but there are still not any better explanations offered. Furthermore there are mediums who can travel outside their bodies and some of them went in space and saw extraterrestrial beings. These mediums were able to talk to the extraterrestrials and their conversations corroborated with what the astronauts said.