The Strengths and Weakness of Aquarians

As you continue to explore the ways of the zodiac sign Aquarius, you will learn what makes these individuals tick, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the kind of things that creates a smile on their face just as strongly as a frown.

6) To soothe a restless Aquarian, suggest a bit of meditation to promote the calming of their mind.

7) Traditionally, it was not uncommon to see people view Aquarians as detached and lacking passion. Yet, this sign faces an array of emotions and needs that allow them to thrive on the conflict they face on an everyday basis. This sign desires stability in their lives and to follow a routine. However, it is not uncommon to find Aquarians running for the hills when faced with a committed relationship. This is probably a result of realizing that not every relationship will be perfect.

8) The strengths of an Aquarian come with their motivation to make a change in the world. They are visionaries who can see what people will need in the distant future. For this reason, they don’t waste any time trying to do good for the whole with an early start. These are the kind of people that help the world and all its people evolve.

9) As for weaknesses, Aquarians often fall victim to whatever is the passing trend at the time. Sometimes, this causes people born under this sign to become stagnant. The sign also showcases streaks of extremities, where some Aquarians follow the saying “My way or the highway.”

10) Since Aquarians crave control, they may resort to total chaos in order to justify their means and achieve their goals.

11) Having enough room and space to move around and enjoy their freedom is a commonality that Aquarians usually share. For this reason, birds with the ability to fly far make great symbols for this sign.

12) In order to exceed past barriers, an Aquarian needs someone to tell them it is OK to remember the best of their past and to let go of the other parts that can hinder progress. They need to move with the punches and embrace flexibility.

13) Some of the things that an Aquarian will most likely enjoy indulging in the idea of change, technology that brings innovation, and a chaotic existence. An Aquarian is also most likely to stay on top of the latest fashions and crave what is coming out next year. As for dislikes, this zodiac sign doesn’t like to follow rules and regulations. They rage against the boredom that comes with conforming to the guidelines of others. A monotonous routine could very well kill an Aquarian’s spirit.

14) It is not uncommon to find an Aquarian most happy when snow is falling from the sky. A lot of individuals born under this sign enjoy the wintertime.

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