Theory On The Origin Of The Big Bang

Ok, just to put this out there, I’m no physicist. I have just been watching this show on the History channel called, “The Universe”, alot the passed couple months and I do understand almost everything, especially with the examples they give in relation to things here on Earth.

I had an epiphany about an hour ago you guys can wrap your heads around for a while. It’s pretty crazy I’ll just try and explain it the best I can.

First of all, I remember hearing them say all matter and/or energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only that it can be recycled and/or transformed. Then, I hear them say that the big bang “created” everything. Thats kind of contradictory.

Secondly, they say that if you go faster than the speed of light, you will essentially slow down time and/or travel into the future. That to me suggests that time itself is relative to light. Perhaps without the presence of light in existence there would be no time. Which will move me to a further point in a bit.

Now we get to blackholes. They say that the only possible way that you might be able to travel backwards in time would be through a wormhole created by a blackhole or other extreme force that could rip into “spacetime”. I don’t remember exactly how they put it, but it had something to do with traveling either into another parellel universe or perhaps my theory on just disrupting the flow of time itself since light may not be present in a black hole. It was something along those lines.

Here is my theory. I think the big bang could have been the universe simply repeating itself. Perhaps, one day, all matter that has ever been will somehow be sucked back in on itself by ….lets say a blackhole. And maybe with a little help from the gravity from galaxies or the mysterious “dark energy” collapsing in on itself like a star. I mean, we really don’t know anything about it. Except that it is supposedly growing in the spaces of the galaxies moving apart as our universe expands, and that it is accelerating the movement. Just making a couple suggestions. My main point is the black hole though. Suppose when all matter is condensed in on itself again it creates such an enormous force that it simply rips itself back through time through a wormhole to the point where no light was currently present, therefore, time hasn’t started yet. It pushes itself out with the exact opposite force it had pushing itself in. As Newton would say, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Which would be just enough to push everything out enough to not collapse back in on itself until it eventually all comes back and repeats the process, which would be after all the galaxies formed. And that creates the “big bang”. Which would mean the universe constantly repeats and we have lived an infinite number of lifetimes only to live an infinite number more. Assuming that everything does exactly the same thing everytime the universe recycles. If so then we would make the exact same decisions everytime unless we somehow reacted to a variable from another “parallel” universe that did not normally happen before. Which would change everything.

Now for my rambling ideas about that. Think about it. Our “energy” or “soul”, whatever makes us who we are had to have come from somewhere or something. There is a reason that I’m living here in this time, in this body, in this life. Instead of perhaps living your life or 300 years ago somewhere else, maybe even on a different planet….who knows? Wherever we were before we were born is a mystery still, but billions of years have passed in the blink of an eye to us. Maybe simply because wherever we were there was no light and we simply timetraveled, or we didnt have the kind of “consiousness” we do now that can actually perceive time the way we do in this form. Or maybe when we die we are simply born again and repeat life over and over. Thats very farfetched I suppose, but it is a fun idea.