Understanding 9th Wave Consciousness and History

Those who say the world is moving at a much more rapid pace are listened to a lot more than several years ago.  Both were correct, but in different ways.  As we are starting to enter the 9th wave of consciousness, it seems things will be moving a lot faster than ever before in history.  And from the looks of it, we may be looking at the beginning of some very new ideas in our world.  Does the Mayan Calendar have anything to say about this quickening we have been seeing?  Are we under a false impression that things are getting more troubled as we step through the next gate into a world humanity has never seen before?  And what happened in March of this year that caused this change?

The second week of March marked the beginning of a shift in our position in the universe.  We exited the 8th wave of consciousness, which originally started around the turn of the millenium.  The 8th wave was the second to the last, according to the Mayan calendar before we entered something new entirely.  And there would be a vibration either elevating us up or dragging us down.

But it took us eleven years to get from the 8th wave to the 9th, then why are we only getting a year and a few months for the 9th wave?  The original timeline suggests that as it progresses, these waves will get progressively faster.  For example, if eleven years sounds like a long time between waves, consider the thousands of years between the second and third wave.  The shift between 8th and 9th was immediately preceded by an intense burst of solar activity as the sun underwent similar changes to those that would happen in consciousness on Earth.

And many spiritually active scholars on the topic are suggesting the next stage will happen around the middle of October.  October is the time when this shift will be speeding up even more, but it is readily apparent around us as we look around today.

Strangely enough, as this shift approaches we can see the world is shifting in ways we cannot quite fathom.  On an emotional level things are bothering us less, many are reporting feeling as though we are approaching a level of consciousness where the day to day concerns will be less of a focus of stress and consciousness will move to bend like a reed in the wind.  Indeed, this is the consciousness shift necessary to survive the passing into a new age.  And so as we pass into this new and exciting time, we can see the world beginning to change – shifting to a more spiritual consciousness.  Some misinterpreted this using terms that were readily accessible in modern culture, and attached themselves to the May 21st rapture theory.  But just as this didn’t happen then, it will not happen in a way immediately understandable to those looking outside for evidence.  It can primarily be found within.