Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, it is third largest and the fourth heaviest planet. It haven’t been discovered by the Greeks and so all occidental society didn’t know its existence until its discovery in 1782. Interestingly its discovery correspond to the beginning of the industrialization. Uranus has a ring system like Saturn, however Uranus´ is less visible. The blue color of Uranus is due to the methane present in its atmosphere. Uranus´ atmosphere is principally composed of hydrogen however Uranus core is composed primarily of rock and various ices. 22 moons have been discovered up until today. Uranus has the particularity to have an axial tilt of ninety-eight degrees which make one of its rotation pole faces the sun while the other faces away. Furthermore, its magnetic field is particular; unlike the other planets, its magnetic field is not dipolar but acts like two bar magnet. Its magnetic field are tipped over, with the magnetic poles lying closer to the equator than its rotational axis.Uranus

Uranus, not known to the Greeks, have been discovered during the beginning of industrialization, it symbolizes intuition, science and invention. We can put in light that in 1782, the date of discovery, it was the beginning of the science we know today. Furthermore it corresponds to the french revolution and in some extent to the declaration of independence of the United States. Indeed, Uranus symbolizes also the rebellion and the wish of radical changes. Originality, inventions, computers, cutting-edge technologies and future events are all ruled by this Planet. Uranus likes to break with tradition and creates something new. Uranus is the first we cannot see with our physical eye. It represents what is new and out of control in life. In the physical body, it rules electrical nerves impulse.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and has been raising the vibratory rate of the planet to help bring in the age of Aquarius age. Indeed, the 20th century was the bridge between the last age (the age of Pisces) and the new age (the age of Aquarius). Single conscious become aware of a global consciousness. This age will be spiritual or will not be. The age we leave was the age of Pisces, an age of martyr symbolized by Jesus Christ. The new age, the age of Aquarius is an age of discovery and global consciousness which can be symbolized by the Internet.